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Some really good teen movies with lesbians.?
I really wanna watch some lesbian movies but all the movies people suggest aren't really the one I want. Does anyone know of any movies like D.E.B.S.that'ss a teen movie and funny with lesbians or like Wild Cherry, again teen movie and funny, but with this one lesbianism isn't the main plot but it is apart of it.
"but im a cheerleader" is a pretty good one.
Good high school/teen comedies?
Chick flicks. Saw wild cherry, easy a, mean girls and loved them. Are there any other movies like that that make you wanna ROFL?
American Pie
10 Things I Hate About You
TEEN PARTY ~ need music & game suggestions?
Needing some clean music suggestions. My son's turning 15 soon and wants a dance/game party We'll start off w/finger food and a couple of icebreaker games (but they're too cool for charades). I may have the games taken care of and a few songs chosen

Cha cha slide - DJ Casper
YMCA - Village People
Twist - chubby checker
Play that funky music -wild cherry
Chicken dance
Shout - Otis Day, Isley Bros
Twist and shout - beatles
Cotton eye - joe rednex
Angel - shaggy
Boot scootin boogie - brooks and dunn
Achy breaky heart- Billy Ray Cirus

We live in the country and most of the guys 2 step or C&W dance but he wants a variety. Line dances are good but I don't know many songs. I'll take ANY good suggestions. We're having it at the community center. Still have almost 2 months to plan. Thanks for all the ideas so far!
Here (In Your Arms)- Hellogoodbye
One More Time- Daft Punk
The Salmon Dance- The Chemical Brothers
The Great Escape- Boys Like Girls
Le Disko- Shiny Toy Guns
Dance, dance- Fall Out Boy
Misery Business- Paramore
Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
Holiday- Green Day
Teenagers- My Chemical Romance
The Way I Are- Timbaland
Crank That- Soulja Boy
Umbrella- Rihanna
5,6,7,8- Steps [this would be good since you live in the country]

Most of these songs were REALLY popular on itunes at one point and I hear a lot of these at school dances (I live in California).

Hope I helped!

FYI- I'm pretty sure these songs swear but you can buy clean versions. :)

[EDIT- hmmm.....I think these songs may be too city for you seeing with what you currently have for some of your song suggestions. Sorry but I hope I helped anyway!

Cha cha slide is definitely a good song though. I hear it all the time at parties!]
TEENS: How Do I Stay Up All Night/Morning?
For Christmas I need to (well want to) stay up all night/morning, without sleeping.
How can I pull this off without coffee, and only one Pepsi: Wild Cherry??
keep yourself occupied.
talk on the phone, text, listen to music, search for new music, upload music to your computer, watch random youtube videos [look at all the IDEK videos they'll keep you occupied & search the comedian, Pablo Francisco - ecstacy at a techno club. haha funny stuff man.], mess with people on 321teenchat.com, watch tv, if you have a DVR or tivo or something then record some movies/shows and watch them, play computer games if you have any, or if you have any type of gaming system make use of it. - haha yeah i would know cause i pull all nighters a lot. (:
Bf wants to know about first orgasm?!?
It started last weekend when we borrowed out dvds, and one we got was called Wild Cherry (I think). It turned out to be a completely stupid movie, but was all about sex and first times. Yeh we've had sex and all that etc, but after the movie he's like yeh so when was your first orgasm.... And I just made up "oh with a pillow coz I saw it on tv"..... But I'm too scared to tell him the truth that it was when a girl was touching and rubbing against me (with clothes on tho). He's totally against lesbians or anything close to it. I was never lesbian, but a friend was over and she made me orgasm.... I was a young horny teen that'd never experienced any of it, so I went along with it. Lol. If I told him, he'd think it's weird and think differently. Help? Should I continue the lie and keep it in the past or tell him. Yeh I know it's a small problem, but it's annoying me heaps.
First of all, why against lesbians?
Second of all, if he really loves you, it shouldn't be a problem for him to hear that story.
Last of all, if you are afraid to talk to him about anything, imagine that you will be able to tell him something if any other serious stuff comes on. I think it's best to talk to him if you really want to.
PLAYLIST HELP? (THIS HAD BETTER WORK... the text didn't appear the last time i tried to post this question!)?
So, I'm making a cd for my high school intramural volleyball team, and I was wondering if you knew any good songs to put on it.

The weirder, the better! This playlist is not supposed to be the most intense thing in the world, as you prolly have guessed by now.

So far, I have a ton of 90s music and other stupid, random songs. the tracks are listed below.

If you could tell me your opinions of the tracks and suggest others for me to put on the playlist, I would love you forever!

Never Let You Go -Third Eye Blind
Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
The Sound of Settling -Death Cab for Cutie
Ants Marching -Dave Matthews Band
What Would You Say -Dave Matthews Band
Play That Funky Music -Wild Cherry
Beautiful Oblivion- Eve 6
I Believe in a Thing Called Love- The Darkness
867-5309 / Jenny- Tommy Tutone
All the Small Things -blink-182
One Week- Barenaked Ladies
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) -Dead or Alive
Dance Dance -Fall Out Boy
My Own Worst Enemy -Lit
It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) -R.E.M.
Thriller Michael -Jakson
Love Shack- The B-52's
Bohemian Rhapsody -Queen
Semi-Charmed Life -Third Eye Blind

Saint Anger- Metallica
Enter Sandman-Metallica
Greed- Greed
The enemy- Greed
The pot- tool
Chop Suey- System of the Down
Inside the Fire- Disturbed
Ten thousand fists- disturbed
Land of confusion- disturbed
I don't wanna stop- Ozzy Osbourne
Don't fear the Reaper- blue oyster cult
Suzie Q- Creedence Clear Water Revival
Highway to hell- AC/DC
I'm compiling a playlist; could you help?
So, I'm making a cd for my high school intramural volleyball team, and I was wondering if you knew any good songs to put on it.

The weirder, the better! This playlist is not supposed to be the most intense thing in the world, as you prolly have guessed by now.

So far, I have a ton of 90s music and other stupid, random songs. the tracks are listed below.

If you could tell me your opinions of the tracks and suggest others for me to put on the playlist, I would love you forever!

Never Let You Go Third Eye Blind
Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
The Sound of Settling Death Cab for Cutie
Ants Marching Dave Matthews Band
What Would You Say Dave Matthews Band
Play That Funky Music Wild Cherry
Beautiful Oblivion Eve 6
I Believe in a Thing Called Love The Darkness
867-5309 / Jenny Tommy Tutone
All the Small Things blink-182
One Week Barenaked Ladies You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) Dead or Alive
Dance Dance Fall Out Boy
My Own Worst Enemy Lit
It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) R.E.M.
Thriller Michael Jakson Love Shack The B-52's Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
Semi-Charmed Life Third Eye Blind

Very nice! Since you appreciate Dave Matthews, I'll suggest
"Satellite" and "Ants Marching."
How do you make a profit growing trees?
alright im a teen looking about starting a large field of trees, waiting 30-40 years and chop or sell whatever way i will make the most profit. so, i would like to know what tree to use (open side of a hill, plenty of sun, good drainage, good soil {not too much clay, but not perfect}) how to sell (cut myself, or hire, etc.) and any extra info. at all, even trusted people i can contact for research. i also need to know what to buy (saplings, 1-3 yrs. old, etc.) PLEASE HELP! my dad suggested that black, or wild cherry trees make the most average profit and grow fast enough to probably cut in 30-40 years, thankyou very much if you help me!
A couple things:

1) don't wait 30-40 years. Not even the lumber industry waits that long. You want to wait 3-4 years.

2) as for land, get something flat with good soil and for a cheap price. The loan to buy this will be your major expense so make sure to get it cheap. Also remember 3 things are key in business: location, location, and location. So pick a good spot that is just off a heavily traveled road, in plain view, and is a relatively (under 1/2 hr.) short drive from a major city. I know this sounds like alot of requirements but remember this has to be the perfect place!

This is true if you want to sell trees that drag in alot of revenue (this may not yield the highest profit though because expenses will be higher). If you want to grow fruit trees or the like just buy the cheapest south facing or flat land that you can find with good soil. Location doesn't matter.

3) (for high revenue trees): How to sell them? Set up an office, let people come in and buy them! You may want to do some guerrila style marketing (ie printing and putting up a ton of flyers, etc.) but don't go for anything with a huge expense.

If you sell fruit trees put out a catalog that promotes your trees with pics, etc. People should place orders online, by phone or by mail. You will send them trees through the mail around May 1 every year.

4) after this you have 2 choices for how to go about your business: 1) sell high revenue trees like christmas trees. or 2) sell fruit trees. In either case start from seeds and sell young trees. If you go with #2 you will have to learn how to graft. DON'T BUY SEEDLINGS!!! They cost too much and will almost certainly make you lose $.

5) I would estimate that you need $50K to go into the high revenue tree business and about $20K to go into the fruit tree business. Since I am sure you don't have that money just lying around go to rich adults you know and ask them to invest in your business. Also ask banks for loans.

6) before you do anything though, WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN!!! You will need to show it to potential investors and the banks you try to get loans from...

This obviously isn't complete, you should come across the rest of the info you need in your business plan research. I hope this at least put you on the right path.
One Hit Wonders?
A "one hit wonder" is a singer/band who had only one song top the charts -- but that one song was a great one! I'm interested in hearing some of your favorite OHW's.

Here are a few of mine to get us started:

Tobacco Road ~~ Nashville Teens
Dirty Water ~~ The Standells
Montego Bay ~~ Bobby Bloom
Spirit in the Sky ~~ Norman Greenbaum
In the Summertime ~~ Mungo Jerry
I'd like to teach the world to sing ~~ Hillside Singers
Hot Rod Lincoln ~~ Commander Cody & his lost planet airmen
The night the lights went out in Georgia ~~ Vikki Lawrence
Never been any reason ~~ Head East
Play that funky music ~~ Wild Cherry
Black Betty ~~ Ram Jam
Funkytown ~~ Lipps Inc
Whip It ~~ Devo
Tainted Love ~~ Soft Cell
Mickey ~~ Toni Basil
Miami Vice Theme ~~ Jan Hammer
Keep your hands to yourself ~~ Georgia Satellites
Walkin in Memphis ~~ Mark Cohn
Life is a highway ~~ Tom Cochrane
I'm too sexy ~~ Right Said Fred
Baby Got Back ~~ Sir Mix-a-Lot
Mambo #5 ~~ Lou Bega
a-ha- Take on Me
Aaliya-Try Again
Ace of Base- The Sign
Atlantic Starr- Always
The Archies- Sugar,Sugar
Bachman -Turner Overdrive- You Aint Seen Nothing Yet
Bay City Rollers-Saturday Night
The Champs- Tequilla
Gene Chandler- Duke Of Earl
Jimmy Dean- Big Bad John
Robert John- Sad Eyes
Andy Kim- Rock Me Gently
The Knack- My Sherona
Buddy Knox- Party Doll
Kris Kross- Jump
Lemon Pipers- Green Tambourine
Little Eva-The Loco-Motion
London Beat-I've Been Thinking About You
Looking Glass- Brandy(You're A Fine Girl)
Los Del Rio- Macarena(Bayside Boys Mix)
Love Unlimited Orchestra- Love's Theme
M- Pop Muzik
C.W. McCall- Convoy
The McCoys- Hang On Sloopy
George McCrae-Rock Your Baby
Mitch Miller- The Yellow Rose Of Texas
Johnny Nash- I Can See Clearly Now
The New Vaudeville Band-Winchester Cathedral
R&P:what do you think of VH1's "Top 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs"?
here's the list..from 100-1.

100) Sammy Hagar - I can't drive 55
99) Grand Funk Railroad - We're an American Band
98) Buckcherry - Lit up
97) Edgar Winter's group - Frankenstien
96) Kansas - Carry on Wayward son
95) Creed - Higher
94) The Darkness - I believe in a thing called Love
93) Autograph - Turn up the radio
92) Night Ranger - Don't tell me you love me
91) Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly wings
90) Jethro Tull - Aqualung
89) Andrew W. K. - Party hard
88) Alice in Chains - Would?
87) Winger - Seventeen
86) Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People
85) Velvet Revolver - Slither
84) W.A.S.P. - I wanna be somebody
83) Evanescense - Bring me to Life
82) Rainbow - Since you've been gone
81) Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
80) Journey - Any way you want it
79) Billy Idol - Rebel yell
78) Bad Company - Feel like making love
77) Soundgarden - Black hole sun
76) Lita Ford - Kiss me deadly
75) White Stripes - Seven nation Army
74) The Cult - Love removal machine
73) Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak
72) Pat Benetar - Heartbreaker
71) Jane's Addiction - Mountain song
70) Foreigner - Hot Blooded
69) Living Colour - Cult of personality
68) White Zombie - More human than human
67) ZZ Top - Tush
66) Europe - The Final countdown
65) MC5 - Kick out the Jams
64) Rollins Band - Liar
63) Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
62) Dokken - Breaking the Chains
61) Ratt - Round and Round
60) Sguy Row - 18 and life
59) Billy Squier - the Stroke
58) Stone Temple Pilots - Interstate Love song
57) The Kinks - You really got me
56) Warrant - Cherry Pie
55) Blue Oyster Cult - Don't fear the reaper
54) Faith No More - Epic
53) Steppenwolf - Born to be wild
52) The Runaways - Cherry Bomb
51) Megadeth - Peace Sells
50) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Give it away
49) Iggy Pop and the Stooges - Search and Destroy
48) Korn - Freak on a leash
47) Kid Rock - Bawditida (sp?)
46) Anthrax - Madhouse
45) Foghat - Slow ride
44) Cream - Sunshine of your love
43) Dio - Holy Diver
42) The Clash - Should I stay or should I go
41) Quiet Riot - *** on feel the noise
40) Poison - Talk dirty to me
39) Boston - More than a feeling
38) Queen - Stone cold crazy
37) The Who - My generation
36) Van Halen - hot for teacher
35) Alice Cooper - School's out
34) Heart - Barracuda
33) Greenday - Basket Case
32) Ted Nugent - Cat scratch fever
31) AC/DC - Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
30) Pearl Jam - Evenflow
29) Joan Jett - bad reputation
28) Foo Fighters - Everlong
27) Whitesnake - Still of the Night
26) Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird
25) The Ramones - Blitzkreig Bop
24) Iron Butterfly - In-a-gadda-da-vida
23) Ozzy Ozbourne - Crazy train
22) The Jimi Hendrix Experience - hey Joe
21) Led Zeppelin - Kashmir
20) Bon Jovi - You give love a bad name
19) Rush - Tom Sawyer
18) Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane
17) Twisted Sister - I wanna rock
16) Kiss - Rock and roll all nite
15) Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood
14) Iron Maiden - Run to the hills
13) Def Leppard - Photograph
12) Judas Priest - Breaking the law
11) Deep Purple - Smoke on the water
10) Motorhead - Ace of spades
9) Van Halen - Running with the devil
8) Aerosmith - Walk this way
7) Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
6) The Who - Won't get fooled again
5) Metallica - Enter sandman
4) Black Sabbath - Paranoid
3) Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta love
2) AC/DC - Back in black
1) Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

what do you think? disagree, or agree?
I strongly agree with the presence of Queen, Velvet Revolver, Guns n' Roses, Judas Priest, Metallica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith, Led Zepelin, The Clash, Blue Oyster Cult and Black Sabbath! :D

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