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Does anyone know where I can find vintage gay photos?
I specifically need vintage gay bear photos or just beefy guys in general. I don't want just naked dudes either... any advise would be appreciated...……
Sites with Vintage Porn? (gay)?
Anyone have good sites for vintage gay porn? 70's Classics like Rex Morgan, big beefy guys somewhat goofy hair, or the 80's obsession with chest hair.
Tube8... then write in 'vintage porn' in the box..... enjoy!
How can i look more vintage ?
I want a new more vintage look for the new school year i'm a guy and i just want to wear more browns and have a more vintage kinda classic look. Im growing up and want a more sophisticated look for junior year. Kinda like jb bros but less gay haha no offense im gay/bi just not too preppy . Any reccomendations on what kind of shirts, jackets etc to buy? Stores too. All answers appreciated thanks guys!
You will get more helpful answers in fashion category...this is for decorating and remodeling homes.;_ylt=…

Jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and jean jackets are classic vintage.

Black jeans/khaki slacks and button down shirt for dress-up/casual.
If a middle aged married man still liked to dance to vintage disco, would people think that he was gay?
The reason I say this is that my wife and I still like to go out disco dancing on occasion. We can still find it in the big city. Whenever I mention this to other men, they think that I am gay. I tell them that disco for me was all about the fun and that I love rock at home and in my car. Yet they still view me as possibly gay and I am just the opposite of gay. Why do some hetero men think of dancing as being gay? That is so f'ng backwardazz imo.
No your not gay..It's not like your dancing with men, your out with your wife man. And your middle aged not in highschool..why do you care what these other men think. ??...Just tell them that disco dancing gets your wife horny as hell and she always puts out afterward... they'll shut up knowing that your getting some.
Am i gay if I play with toys LIke Teen Titans? I like those Big Vintage Doll houses like they are in college?
Growing up I played with my girl cousins dolls and they dressed me up. I am 12 and I still play with toys like teen titans. I like the consept of having a doll house with toys in it and I like playing house. I usually play violent games where people apendages get ripped off if I am mad and nice loving family games if I content. My brother and I want to save money and buy a lot of doll houses to play like they have a house. I like making them like run each other over. I am not gay or anything but is it okay for me to do this?
I know I am straight. I Really love this girl named Isabella. We've dated for 2 years.
And When I say play toys I don't mean " Hi sally how are you oh i love your purse." I mean " Sup Babe? You stupid B**** get the Hell out ma' car!"
SUPER GAY!! Richard Simmons and Ross the Intern are more manly than you
What medium were those old circus and theater posters usually done in?
Is there anywhere I can learn how they were done or are there any artists who do those types of things still?

Here are some examples:……
Or like this:…
Gay New York – looks like screen printing

The other two – look like offset litho with the artist drawing directly on the stones with a waxy crayon.

It really needs a close examination of the original to be certain.
Is it gay that my boyfriend and I LOVE the musicals and theater?
My boyfriend and I have been together for 10 years. We love going out to musicals, the wineries, and a night at the theater. Last night we went to this wine bar with my daughter and purchased some vintage pinot.
Wow. I'm a woman and my husband and and I do those things together. HEY! DOES THAT MAKE US GAY???!!!!
Go away, troll. and leave the real Harold Stein alone.

And congratulations on 10 years together. That's alot longer than most straight couples last.
Do you think gay porn nowadays getting vulgar?
I never seen "such quite bizzare" acts yet some people posting viral creative abuse over internet..

I know vintage gays were horny and full of passion on their sex but nowadays...the pervs are more creative ;) lol
Demand is there to be filled. People want more variety so companies supply what they ask for. Applies to almost every part of the economy, not just porn.
Are the clear glasses with a small shiny nob at each end a gay trend?
I'm seeing more and more of this lately. The vintage wayfarer clear glasses. But for some reason everyone I've seen in one is gay. Online or walking around. (no I'm not gay nor do I hang around gay people. And no I'm not homophobic..well to an extent. lol)…

You mean those ones? Ha, no they're definitely not a gay trend. Lots of people wear it including major celebrities (Just look at Eminem or Bieber who sport this fashion). Maybe it's just coincidence the people you meet. Maybe you should try them too ;) take a look at the link if you're looking for a pair.

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