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Why do these guys ksuch as 10 to pre teens try to act so grown up?
Examples wearing designer brands tight *** jeans act slutty act so scene,edgy,ect I understand guys grow up sometime but why so fast? When I was nine I was still outside playing sports and watching cartoons with my friends. Sorry for this long story I just wanna know!
That is how todays society is making them, I guess they think its "cool".
PS why is this asked in the LGBT section?
Why are men hypocrites when you ask them if they prefer teens or older women?
typically teens are more sexy: have tight asses, no wrinkles no cellulitis, no smelly breath, which is rare for say 30+ old women.

western culture made a tabboo out of this natural preference, but still you should not ask a woman about age :)

and please think before you call me a pervert, mf, etc, be honest if you can!
I have no clue, you have your own preferences, that's your own bid. What ever floats your boat.
Why do schools allow teachers to dress provocatively in the classroom?
You have High school teenagers, red blooded teens who are easily sexually aroused by a female teacher parading at the blackboard with tight fiting sloppy faded dirty jeans and a see thru blouse exposing her large boobs and her tight ***. Does anyone believe that these teens are interested in the subject shes teaching? And when they get raped by their own students, the stupid female teacher wants to know why?
I'm a teacher and my high school doesn't.

On the other hand not to sound bad, but as a teacher being hit on by high school students goes with the territorry regardless of what the teacher is wearing. Like you said they are "red blooded teens." But as a professional, you can't take it seriously. You just have to treat all students in a respectful but professional way. But I will say that I have never seen a teacher at my school dress in any way provotatively at my school or flirt in any way with a student. We aren't even allowed to wear jeans except on Fridays and there are rules for those as well.
Why don't most teens remain virgin until they get married ?
Before you start bashing me, I am not saying all teenagers are like that, hell no ! But an increasing number of them sure are. Isn't that what the Bible teaches us ? Why that urge in F-----G verything that moves ? Can't they develop other hobbies like observing the nature, read a book, play violin or something ? They do not have any more identities, it's really sad. You look at some teenage girls today and they barely look like a pair of inflated boobs, tight ***, but .... no brain...purely a sex toy. There's no more mystic in todays girls : They seem to ask: : Bang me hard and hurry up, I've got others lining up.
Can't they just read the Bible every day and stay away from the flesh until they find true love and get married and stay that way forever ?
Young boys are, (again not all of them), only interested in sex, or violence, not love. As a matter of fact, people don't say anymore "we made love" but rather "we had sex" like if it was some kind of sport event ! Truly sad era.
I know that I told my parents and everyone I knew that I was going to wait until I was married, or at least 18 to lose it. But **** happens and sometimes we lose control. I'm turning 18 and I've only had one partner and he's only had me, and we're still together. It was a decision that we made together and that took almost over a year to come to a conclusion about. We've been together for almost 3 years. I do know 12 and 13 year olds who sleep around and dress/look like they're old enough to drink, and it depresses me, especially since my sister is one of them (she just turned15). She's been dating since she was 12/13, has had several boyfriends, drinks, and likes to "party" -- I have strong doubts that she's still a virgin. It really kills me. I just pray she doesn't turn out to be a pregnant 15 year old. Oh, and my boyfriend and I hardly ever say "we had sex", he actually feels weird saying it when it comes to us, so he and I always says make love. I won't blame me losing my virginity on my lack of knowledge from the Bible, because I've read it, go to church, and am a Christian follower. I think that when it comes down to having sex, it has nothing to do with the Bible or family. It just happens because you're alone with your guy/girl and you get curious. Some people just get too curious and want to experiment with various people.
Why do teen girls dress the way they do?
Im not sexist or anything I just find it funny how teens dress so that their *** is almost completely showing with VERY short shorts that fit really tight. Then when they see a guy looking at them they get mad and ask what are you looking at. Are they trying to attract attention or why do they do this?
Well, that's a very big generalization. But a majority of girls dress the way they do because they don't have anyone giving them GOOD fashion advice, they desire to emulate other girls, or just overall are looking for a way to express themselves and just don't know how.
Relationship problem/contemplating suicide: sorry it's long, please answer?
I am a 35 year old man with modest mean. I have been married to the same woman for 5 years with 2 guyren. In my glorious high school days, I was considered archetypal “cool” guy. Needless to say, I had many girlfriends and developed a very high physical standard (very vain, I know) for the women I date.
I had a chance encounter with a barely legal teenage girl a few months ago while I just finished dining with a colleague at the food court of a mall. She was clad in a low-cut spaghetti-strap tank top that revealed her midriff (and her belly button piercing) and a very tight and tiny denim short shorts that had a slight glimpse of cameltoe. She possesses none of the physical traits I desire. She was not slim, tanned, tall, or leggy. In fact, her legs are somewhat thick and her midriff/stomach is not flat. The only good thing about her is the top-shelf, perky breasts.
I was quite annoyed when she started talking to me out of the blue, but found her to be quite interesting and engaging. (I unknowingly had an erection when I looked under her top.) I have to admit that I, not short of confidence, gained some weight the last few years and my hair has some early sign of gray. Meanwhile, my wife is becoming quite a bore especially after the birth of my guyren. She isn’t the hottest girl I dated either. I just thought it was time to have a family when I married her.
Anyway the young girl and I exchanged numbers at the conclusion of our encounter and I didn’t think much of it. However, I couldn’t get her imperfect features off my mind. I called her 3 weeks later to arrange a meeting.
She was short, cute, and innocent in her brunette ponytail and braces. Not only does she have the looks, she's got the personality to match. Again clad in sexy short shorts, I began touching her thick legs while I was driving. We drove to a remote area, had a few beers in the car. Then I took off her shorts, revealing her sweet little panties just covering the sweet tasty pinkness of her tight teen you-know-where. She looks like a bad little girl that I took over my knee and spank silly in her cute tiny little panties. Realizing she was wet, I made the naughty little girl to strip naked revealing her perfectly puffy nip, pretty tight pink you-know-where, and ripe perky breasts. Then the rest was easily predictable. Her tasty little *** and sweet squeezable perky teen t!tt1ies were too much to resist. Shortly after realizing when I had just done, I felt ashamed and manipulated, so I gave her a bare @$$ spanking until she started crying (and pee-ing).
Before anyone accused me of being a pedophile, this girl is 100% legal.
My question is: why am I attracted to such an imperfect girl? My ongoing relationship with her gradually became less dramatic and more predictable, yet I don’t want to leave my wife. This relationship doesn’t seem like the normal boyfriend-girlfriend, friends with benefits, or even re-living my high school glory days.
What is wrong with me? I’m terrified.
ur cheatin on ur wife, and u ought to be ashamed.
i think u should break it off with the girl, and tell ur wife the full story. you can seek counselling too; u need to be honest with her. after that, u can decide whether u want to end the marriage, or patch up.
its gonna be hard either way.
How to get husband to mooove on? I have told him that I don't think this marriage will work.?
I have moved out with two teenaged boys. The biggest reason is that I found a brown envelope loaded with notes about me. Everytime I would piss him off he would write it down, date it and file it away in a locked toolbox. He would call me names in these notes such as I have no logic or common sense, stupid *****, can't manage the fridge so how would she manage the visa card. Not responsible enough to have a visa card ( I am 36 yrs old and been with him for 22 yrs, 12 yrs married on Sunday). So I have said that I want to go to counscelling and he is all for it and willing to pay for his and mine. Which is hard to believe since he is such a tight *** with $. What I want to know is how to tell him that I want to work this out but I can't ever go back to that life again. The Trust issue is gone for me. He verbally, emotionally and mentally abused me for years and then stopped that and began writing all of it down.
The teen sons don't want to go back and live as a family either.
If you really don't trust him, don't go back. You can not have a marraige without trust. don't even try it. You'll just end up bitter and resentful.
How is this story? Tell me if it's too cliche or...teeny...(but it's for teens )?
Summary: What happens when bad girl meets bad boy? Misha and Evan are both spies from different spy schools. They don’t know about each other, but are assigned to spy on each other. They will do anything to get the information they need in order to report back to the head of the spies. But why are they spying on each other? What secrets are lurking behind their closed doors? And will they ever regret reporting back to the spy leader?

You want me? Come and get me.


I turn around, feeling someone's eyes on my back. You know...that shiver that runs down your spine when you feel someone watching you. I get that. I get that often. Ever since I joined the Spy School, I have learnt to trust my instincts. And since the first day of joining the Spy School, I have learnt to keep my mouth shut and my ears open. Which is bloody hard.

Whipping my phone out, I begin to text Leanne.

My head snaps up. I hear the rustling in the bushes. I wipe my blonde hair out of my face and stride over, ready to haul out whoever is in there. They're a threat. Simple. I'll use my spy skills to kick their ***.

I brush the leaves back and peer in.

A boy sits there with a cheesy you've-just-caught-me grin.

"Hi!" he raises his black cap.

Was he...spying on me? No. Impossible. I have been in Spy School for a year now and I know everyone there. He wasn't there. He can't have be.

My face scrunches up as I try and work out who he is, if I recognise him or not.

"You're just gonna stare at me?"

I frown for a second but then replace it with a cheesy grin like his. I lean down, boobs popping out of my blouse, hair tumbling down my face, lips moist and perky. His grin widens.


I snatch his hat off and head out of the bushes and towards my car. What a plonker. Thinking he can mess with me. Pfft!

I get about a few metres ahead before he comes up and tries and snatches it from my clutches.

"Come on now. What's a good girl like you stealing people's hats on a night like this?" his sapphire color eyes glint with a hint of mystery, and his brown hair looks lush.

I have the hat in my right hand. He reaches for it, but I switch hands. He reaches it again, but I'm quicker. Of course I am. I am professionally trained unlike this doofus.

Once he has a few more goes trying to get it off me, without making much contact, he cocks an eyebrow. "I'm impressed. You're pretty slick for a girl, you know?"

"Really?" I know I don't sound surprised. He knows it too.

"Okay. You're a little better than average," he moves closer to me, "what's your secret?"

A thin layer of air separates us, but I stand my ground. I don't care how close he gets; I'm certainly not backing down.

The street lamp hangs over us like a camera. Neither of us breaks eye contact.

"Now, I'll ask nicely. Hand over the hat. I don't want to have to get physical," he holds his hand out mere inches from my chest.

"And I'm answering nicely: go away." I turn around and run to my car, hoping to escape him this time. I'm not wearing high heels or a mini-skirt, as the school had prohibited me from wearing them, just in case I do need to do some serious running. I've only recently started wearing such clothes when a year ago a guy broke my heart. The only guy I have ever loved. I'd like to think he made me this way, flirty, more...well more. But I'm not giving him credit for anything. My tight skinny jeans pinch into my thighs, and the wind blows up my loose blouse.

He pounds into me so my face is pressed against my car and he has his hands wrapped around mine. I feel like I am being handcuffed by the police.

He whispers in my ear. "Shouldn't have touched the hat," he snickers.

I'm temporarily shocked that he just pinned me up against my own car, but I soon recover. The shocked expression on my face morphs into a playful one as I force myself out of his grip by twisting around.

Getting close and personal, I breathe on his face. He leans in, expecting more. I'm guessing he's used to girls acting this way around his hot body. Well...so am I.

Instead of leaning in extra for his lips to come in touch with mine, I redirect it to his ear and whisper seductively, "Who said I was a good girl?"

He stiffens slightly and I beep my car open and slide in, rev it up, and zoom off, leaving a very confused guy standing in the middle of the non-busy lane without his hat. Sucker.
I like your summary, but the first line is just not doing it for me. The 'bad girl meets bad boy' just sounds cheesy. Maybe you could replace it? Overall, I like the piece. It's interesting and as a teen, I can say it appeals to me. But maybe try to reduce the slang a little...? Use it in dialogues, but not in description. "I frown for a second but then replace it with a cheesy grin like his. I lean down, boobs popping out of my blouse, hair tumbling down my face, lips moist and perky.His grin widens. Yoink!" needs to be changed. Write it a bit more tastefully with a little less detail. Also "Yoink" made me think of something else [refer to previous sentence], so change that as well. Also, is the school called "Spy School"? If it isn't then don't capitalize and if it is, then try coming up with a different name.
All in all, nicely written. With a little bit less slang, this could be nicely done. Good luck!
Parents of teens? How do you deal?
OK, Mother Nature.
I G.E.T. it.
Enough already.

Having my first baby physically wrecked me, and emotionally meta morphed...scarred is so the right word.
I've said before, that having guyren is like little bits of your flesh and soul running amok.

Life as known before, never to return.

But these teen years are just such a rough transition.

One day you are gazing at your tiny bundle and catching your breath at that first hint of a smile, possibly gas induced grin, forever memorizing every wrinkle while they sleep heavy on your chest and worrying that you might break their fragile bodies...
And the next you are taking away their cell phones, grounding their smart ***, worrying about the wrinkles you are getting and wondering if they will break you.
One day you are sniffing the yummy fuzzy baby head, chewing on the chubby feet and rasberrying the chicken neck.
The next, you are censoring the itunes purchases, confiscating the, "Converse that reek like unto cadavers" and taking away the car keys.
And you were never so much in awe.
And then you were never so miserable.

And it's just fractions of seconds in-between.

And then this Little bundle grew, and became independent, like you groomed them to be, like their supposed to.
And this separation is just as painful as the birth separation...but longer.
These painful labors are not hours, but years.
And the Mom in me realizes that this is just another necessary step.
But knowing doesn't make it easier or less painful.
And holding tighter will only make it worse.

And she'll be seventeen in less than a month, and I realize that she won't actually appreciate me for at least another ten years...and/or when she gets to experience little pieces of her flesh and soul running amok.


And I have three more...
Wow, I agree. We have a 17 year old son, who really has been a sweetie -he's mature, kind, loving - but just can't help being a typical teen some days.
And so funny you mention taking away car keys - I just did that Christmas Day when he left the house in a huff after being very argumentative. He took off in the car, not for long, mind you but when he came back he sat in the car outside in the freezing temps, and when he came in I asked for both sets of keys.
Mostly, what we have is misunderstandings... from words. We both have to clean up our acts -- though I spent most of Christmas Day in tears over all of this.
We really have been lucky with him, especially since he's our only guy, we made sure he wasn't 'spoiled'. He's really a decent young man. He doesn't smoke, has absolutely no interest in booze/drugs - he likes being the nerd he is, and his nerd friends! Thank goodness!!!
It's the gentle balance right now of being parent not jailer. It was hard while he was learning to drive - knowing that was the biggest independence thing, and then letting him go out with friends, etc. Now he's interested in a particular girl, so that's what will be upcoming for us to deal with.
But I still see the little boy in him - and I still get all the hugs and kisses I want/need...
And it's very true about what you say about them appreciating us more in their 20s - I know that's how I was with my parents.
All we can do is what we know best - to love them.
Did I read that correctly?
As everyone on here knows Allie who <3's ryan is home schooled and her mother does a crappy job.
Someone asked a question about if that was really legal.

Someone else answered "she's a teen, you can't believe much of what she says. sorry. but it's nice to know you care."

This is my new WTF moment for today.

Do people really think of teenagers like that?

I am 19.
I am wearing dark wash jeans from AE rolled into capri's and a Nike dark grey thermal.
My hair is in a pony tail.

BUT I am a teenager that must not be true. I must be fibbing.

1. Do people seriously think all teens are like that?
2. Does that piss you off as much as it does me?
3. Would it be fair of me to say all adults are over-protective tight asses with teenagers who resent them?
I was at Denny's one time, and the manager looks at my husband, then looks at me, and asks me "Would you son like a guy's menu?"

My husband was 21 at the time, and he looks about 17. But I was SOOOOOO pissed off. I wanted to stab him in the throat with a spoon.

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