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All Comments

Is there anything wrong with being a teen stripper?
hey, they make great money, nd it pays the bills.
but wats the moral stand point?
not as long if u sleep with the dudes that come in or turn into a slut and stay true to who u are then i see no problem with it.
Is it Impossible to become a teen Stripper?
young teen to be exact.ny
You have to be 18
What would you do if your teen daughter said that she wanted to be a nurse or a stripper as a back up career?
I saw a girl on the Maury show say just that. She wants to be a nurse but if that does not work she will become a stripper.
Lucky her nursing is an amazing career with unlimited prospects and high demand!

Of course I would not be thrilled if my daughter said this, but I would try to not take it too seriously. Kids often say things and even more often change their mind. In my experience it tends to work better to not make yourself an enemy when it's not necessary. Now if she started to strip she would definitely hear my rants and raves and I'm sure I could persuade her to stop, but if she's just mentioning it I would try to keep my reply simple and not too judgemental. Hell, maybe she'd even try it and then realize how awful it makes her feel after a day or so.

I'd say that it's a good resource for people who really need it and can't do anything else (because putting stripping down and trying to invalidate it wouldn't help any) but that I know she could achieve much more and should keep her prospects open, there are countless jobs in this world to pursue.
When is Miley Cyrus gonna win the worst teen stripper award?
And LOL that new song of hers is actually HIDEOUS it made me go deaf
Very, very soon.

I'm lucky enough to have avoided her new song so far.
I hope to keep it that way. x]
Do you think its okay for a teen girl to read a book called ''stripper heels'' about a stripper?
Well i love reading.

And i like reading books with fun,exciting characters....to take me into a new world....so im intrested in autobiographys....like ''confessions of a stripper'' and stuff like that...im just into reading a world far apart from my own everyday life...

Dont get me wrong before anyone says im not intrested in stripping and stuff like that but i like reading abt ppl who have been in that life - it shapes my perspective on how pPl reeally are rather den stereotypes...any ways tell what you's thinks...

Yes because media such as that is harmless. Media can have an affect but not fictional media
Serious answers only...why do they put adult stripper type clothing in teen Halloween costumes?
I have been all over the internet looking for my teen daughter an outfit for Halloween and all these sex role play clothes are in market now ? adult size...in teen section? My daughters going to a church to trick or treat, not a strip club!
It's really scary eh? I think they're trying to get guys to aspire to be strippers & porn stars.
As a Professional Dancer (or Stripper) are you able to choose what you wear?
I don't want any rude comments or to offend any one. I am honestly thinking about becoming a stripper when I turn eight teen, and I would really like to know if you can choose what you wear or if your employer/manager chooses for you. It would be appreciated, along with any advice you may have. Thank you. :)
I would think that it would be determined by each establishment individually. I don't think there is any guy of blanket rule for strippers, or a stripper(s) union that makes a standard operating procedure for strippers.

I'd re-think this career choice -

1. As you get old, no one wants to see this stuff - so it's hard to plan for retirement.
2. Want a husband - he doesn't want you. You're a stripper - not the marrying type.
3. You have to rub on old, sweaty, hairy, men that are aroused and "touchy feely."
4. You are seen as slutty, or a whore - even if you don't engage in sexual relations with clients/customers.

Good luck.
Is it just me or was the Teen Choice Awards last night really risque?
Just asking! There were alot of short skirts/shorts (ahhhem Miley), bras showing, dirty dancing, and 3 stripper poles. not exactly what I would expect at a teen event. Am I the only person that noticed these things?

i know people say the pole was the to "support" her, but dancing on it and holding it are two different things.

Her outfit was also...well...nasty. my mom yells at me when my straps show when im wearing a tank top! imagine if you could see the entire back.

Also, they didnt televise this, but Dane Cook threw his comedy at Vanessa Hudgens, saying to keep her clothes on, and phones are for calling.

I know i understand all this, but i have an 11 year old sister who watched this! i dont want her picking up those things, but then saying the stars do it.

I know its called teen choice, but then they should put it on mtv. Most adults dont let guys under the age of 10 watch that channel anyway, so they wouldve missed all this.

haha sorry its long
What's your comment on miley cyrus stripper pole at the teen choice awards?
my friend said I'm being hypocritical. i said she's too young to be doing that and she's acting slutty. On the other hand i also said if she was a little older and it wasn't too vulgar id be okay with it as id just be part of her performance. It's hard to explain cuz in my mind a 16 doing that is trashy but if they were older i don't think id be as trashy? Am i a hypocrite or not?
i don't think it's hypocritical. she's 16. she's not legally allowed to go into a strip club, never mind perform with a stripper pole ! her parents are strange -- they should be protecting the trashy.

if she were older, and not at the teen choice awards, then it would be different.
Did anyone, or is anyone still watching the Teen Choice awards?
I tried to watch it every year but it seems like every year it becomes more of the Teeny Bopper Choice Awards instead of the Teen Choice Awards. I only watched to see Miley alleged "stripper pole" routine.
Nah, I don't watch it. I'll probably watch the stripper pole event on youtube if I get desperately bored later on.

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