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Can a teen get arrested for going on cam nude if both parties are both teens?
Recently they arrested a teen for sexting. ( sending nude photos over the cellular phone)

If it is considered guy porn on the cellular then wouldn't it be guy porn on line?
If it's nude and under 18, it's guydie porn. Period
What would you do if YOUR TEEN sent Nude pics on the internet?
WTF teens stupidy taking naked pics of themselves it puts their lives in jeopardy!They think this is a game and try to gain popularity but its a dangerous game to them and their friends and family...what are they thinking?
Personally I send my guys to their dads country"Peru"and sign them up in the Military Acadamy there!
A lot of it has to do with parenting. Although this teen is probably old enough to realize what he/she is doing by now, it's the parent's job to talk to them about sex and explain to them why nude pics are wrong and dangerous.

I find that when parents are open, guys are less desperate and more likely to listen to them. If a parent ignores these things because they think by doing so it will never happen, they are so wrong.

My mom was always open with me, gave me advice early on even when I didn't ask for it, and made it clear she wasn't going to judge me if I came to her for help.

As a teen, I make sure to stay away from all that stuff. Why? Because my parents made it clear they trust me and talked to me before I had a chance to mess up.
Hope this helps.
Is taking nude pictures a normal thing for teen girls?
A certain Disney actress's nude pictures were leaked again and a lot of people are excusing it as 'a normal thing' and 'most teen girls do it,' but I don't take nude pics and neither do my friends or other girls I know. I'm just curious, is it really a normal occurance? Did you guys take nude pics when you were younger?
NO. I would never take a nude picture of myself, let alone give it to someone else. I have more respect for myself, and I completely disagree about it being a 'normal' thing teen girls do. I would like to hope that at least SOME teen girls have more respect for themselves and don't take degrading pictures of themselves...and I don't think their are any excuses to take these pictures and girls who do things like that shouldn't be offended when they are label ed easy, or a whore, or slutty.
Has anybody saw you nude after teen age?
I am 23 years old.I always be nude in my room.Last night while doing shaving my mom saw me nude but she didn't said anything because she know that I always be nude in my room n she us to of this?
I find it very disturbing that so many people have hangups about sexuality or their very own body.

I teach shamanic healing rituals and lead sweat lodges. In the majority of these every one is naked. There is no overt sexuality to it we are just there with no masks or cloths to hide behind.

If you can't be comfortable with your own body - this does not mean that you shouldn't want to work on the extra poundage to make your body better - then you can't be comfortable with yourself as who you are. If you aren't comfortable with who you are then how can you be comfortable with or a deep relationship with another person?

The body is beautiful and fun. Only repression and dogma makes it seem dirty or sinful. We are here to live. Live in and enjoy your body and the bodies of those that wish to share with you.

Reverend Willy
How would u address a teen who has taken nude photos?
the teen is 18 and unaware that her dad and i know. she has put the pic on the computer will this show up in cyberspace?
Unless she uploads the photos herself to any of her profiles on any social networking websites she may belong to (i.e. Facebook or MySpace); or unless she sends the photos out as e-mails; generally speaking--the images will stay put on her computer.

I don't know the details of your situation--specifically, why you ask "how would you address a teen?" Although she's still in her teens, she is 18, which means she is old enough to legally consent to be photographed nude--or worse (if she so chooses).

To answer the first part of your question--you should/would address her VERY DIPLOMATICALLY, if at all. I say this because, as far as you know, the photos still reside on her computer. And I have to reiterate she is 18 years old.

From a privacy standpoint, it's no business but her own at this point--unless there's a really good reason to confront her (which is also no one's business but your own).
What do you think of teen celebrities like Miley taking semi-nude photos of themselves?
What sort of effect do the scandals have on your guys? Do you feel that they should not be looked at as role-models for that reason? Or do you talk to your guys about the mistakes and move on?
I think it should just teach guys that everyone makes mistakes growing up. It's kind of like this quote i heard:

"To be old and wise, you first have to be young and stupid."

I mean we all make millions of mistakes in a lifetime. So we shouldn't dislike someone for one mistake they have made.
Does anyone besides me have a teen daughter that loves going nude at home?
Im proud of her.
haha I love troll questions. No avatar and level 1 plus a stupid question haha

but I'll play along ;)

yes, I have a brother and he loves to feel the breeze around every part of him.
None nude/teen/pre teen models illegal to look at in canada?
What are the laws on looking at NONE NUDE TEEN/PRETEEN models in canada is it illegal to look at , if you dont know about them theyre girls younger than 18 dressed in bikkinis only serious answers plz , i just dont want the fbi showing up to my door so i want to know is it legal or illegal
If you can see it on a public beach then it's not illegal.
Is it normal for a teen to look at nude pics of girls?
I just wanted to know what people think.
Yes, its curiosity and the teenage years is when girls and boys hormones kick in.
What is your opinion on teen nude modeling?
Do you agree with it if their 18 or over, or do you think it's trashy?

Thanks =P
It's up to each one of us to decide for herself. If a girl over 18 wants to do nude modelling, that's her choice. Who are we to call her trashy.

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