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What is the law concerning looking at naked teen girls?
When my neighbor invited me over for dinner, he told me that he and his family are naturists, so I wouldn't be shocked. It turns out they have three really good looking teenaged daughters who spent the evening in the same condition as their parents, nude. Dis I violate any laws by being there and seeing aged girls in that condition? I did have to keep my legs crossed at first, until I got used to it. I'm invited back next week, should I go?
They are in their own home. As long as you don't touch them or take pictures, you have not broken any laws. Don't know it that is true of the parents should you object.

So keep your legs crossed and keep smiling.
Dads, would you be ok seeing your teen girl naked?
A question posted by another user spiked my curiosty so I now would like to know the dad's side of this. Do you think it's ok to see your teen daughter naked?
As a father (apparently the only one so far to answer) and as a nudist, I would say that seeing my teen daughter naked would not affect me one way or the other. The truth is that I would have raised her as a nudist, and would have seen her naked from day one, just as I have seen my boys naked since their birth. These are my guyren, and my heirs. The thought of doing or feeling anything sexual toward them is disgusting and vile. But seeing them naked does NOT stir up any sexual feelings on my part, nor on the part of my wife, who is also a nudist. We know that the naked human body, whether male or female, no matter what the age is just a naked body, and nothing to get worked up over or turned on by. It's what one does with their naked body that brings a sexualness to it. So, in short, seeing your daughter naked should be no big deal. Having sexual thougts or relations with her is a HUGE deal and should be dealt with by the local authorities.
How many moms have seen their teen sons naked?
Accidents included and how did they react?
I'm not bothered about my mom seeing me naked. if she walks in on me when I'm naked she just says sorry and walks out again no big deal nothing wrong with that.
What if I legally own a gun, and a naked, crazed, teen hops the fence into my backyard...?
He then runs toward my house where my family is sleeping, because it is the wee hours of the night. What if (even though I am behind locked doors) he comes up to the house and starts pounding on the fench doors. Can I get my gun and shoot him through the door? Then, what if I shoot him twice and go outside to check on him and he lounges at me...can I shoot him again?
No Troll, your life has to be at risk. Someone outside the house is not really an immediate threat.
How old are the two teen boys in the naked brothers band?
They look so young for their age! Wow they look like ten years old!
Uh, I don't have my calculator, ey. I don't even know what they look like.
Men have you watched a very young teen girl dance half naked on youtube?
If you did all i gotta ask is do you consider yourselves pedofiles???
No, I haven't.
Guy wants bad pics and he says he wants naked ones, in a teen chat room. What to do?
I am in a teen chat room and A guy asked for bad pics. I would love to bust him to the police for this but don't know what to do. Any ideas?
btw I love when 20/20 does types of segments like this.
To catch a predator.
Give the police his user name.
What to do if a teen sends you unwanted naked pictures?
this has not happened to me, but i have hear of it happening what should a person do if the photos are sent to them to not get in any trouble at all i don't think its fair that the receivers of the messages are getting in trouble and they may have never wanted the photo and automatically deleted it and a few weeks later get in trouble.
Send them to me. :) lol

There isn't really any way around it. Unless your cell phone is one that allows you to not accept the pic before it is downloaded into your phone. Unless it is actually in your phone and you have it saved, you shouldn't get in any trouble.
Why do teen guys always wanna see girls naked or topless on webcam?
its like every time u go on webcam they say flash?
why cant they just look at porn
"Girls want a lot of things from one guy. Guys want one thing from a lot of girls."

They can't control the hormones...
Teen girls only. have any of you slept naked and been seen by a family member?
I got home one day after school,and I took a shower after I got out I went to bed but I didn't get dressed, then a few hours later I woke up and there was my 16 yr old brother looking at my body. Is there something wrong with him cause I saw him getting aroused?
There's nothing wrong with him. It's normal for a 16 year old boy to get sexually aroused by the sight of a naked female body, even if it is his sister's. Are you younger or older than he is? I wouldn't worry about it. Just be sure it doesn't happen again.

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