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Why do people like to hear spanking stories?
I've seen people on here post questions, asking people to tell stories about being spanked, how, why, the details of it all....

Why did they do that?
There are a variety of reasons. Some are sexual in nature, but others are parents and other concerned caregivers trying to sort out what methods work best, and still others are researching the subject for college papers, etc.
Can someone please explain to me this spanking fascination where people make up stories about spanking?
is it some type of perv thing or what I just dont get it
Nice TC badge Zorro.. I didn't realize it earlier lol.

There are lots of perv's on here.. there was one guy in the pregnancy section that was talking about circumcision all day long and it was really gross the things he was saying... I think the only reason he stopped was because I couldn't help but report every retarded thing he asked.
Have their ever been major stories on people who've done drastic things because of spanking/guy abuse?
I would specifically like a story about a person who did something really horrible because of spanking/hitting. Just being brutally hurt as a guy, and because of it growing up and becoming this mean and violent person. I don't really want stories about molest or rape, not that kind of guy abuse. Please either give your story if you have one, or tell me about one you've heard or know of. A link would be marvelous.
Here's one: due to spanking as a guy, I have a strong respect for authority and do not have a criminal history. In addition, I treat others with respect. In these times with parent reneging on their duties to discipline their guyren, my story is one of a drastic thing.
Spanking stories, guys(; ?
I want to hear some creative,kinky, sexual, and descriptive spanking stories from guys(; let's go ;D
They have porn sites for that. This isnt one of them,
Kiss Me Kate spanking stories? Here's mine?
Im playing Kate in our HIgh school production of Kiss Me Kate and we had a slight problem with the spanking scene. The script calls for my skirt to be lifted up showing kates LARGE underwear(pantaloons) but our school is on a tight budget and we couldn't get ahold of any. So I suggested to my coach that I could just wear regular panties so he could still flip my skirt up. He asked me If i was sure and that as long as they're not like a thong and cover my butt than it'll work. We had a dress rehearsal the other day and when the spanking actually happened and my skirt was pulled up I was a little more embaressed than I thought I was going to be but I got through it. I feel fine about it now, I also feel a cool breeze too, ha ha. Oh well, I'm sure the boys don't mind. Anyone else have some funny Kiss Me Kate spanking stories..
A friend of mine was playing Petruchio in a local production a couple of years ago, and the girl playing Kate was always egging him on to spank her harder. Each night he flipped up her skirt and spanked her on her panties; it always got a huge round of applause.

On the last night of the run when he flipped up her skirt he found she was wearing a thong. He muttered, "Ok, young lady - you asked for it !" and spanked her good and hard on her bare bottom-cheeks. He says the applause nearly lifted the roof off.

Btw - she's now his girlfriend....
Any husband spanking stories?
Recently,my husband and I have started an agreement similar to a DD. The difference is that he only has the right to spank me. Only for certain occasions:
1. I am out of line.
2. I disrespect him in any way shape or form.
3. I use bad language.
4. I do something without his approval.
5. I go over budget
6. I stay out past curfew.
7. I burn dinner.
8. If a warm home cooked is not ready when he comes home.
9. I sleep in.
10. If the dog makes a mess inside.
11.If our peers are not impressed.
12. If I disobey.
13. If I do anything to upset him.
14. If I do not see his way.
15. If in the act of spanking, I resist.
16. If the house isn't clean.
17. If I fail to do any of my daily duties.
18. I put up a fight.
19. I question his doing at any point.
20. If I fail to entertain him.
This is basically our contract that both him and I signed. Something that is not added that he enforces is that he can spank me at anytime, any place. Also,he can spank me whenever he pleases, even if I did nothing wrong. He may use the tool of his choice,and spank me for however long he desires. So far has been working and sometimes it is even sexy when he beats my bottom. When he spanks me he has no intention of holding back.He goes full force and it is fine with me. I get spanked on an average of 2 times a day.Sometimes more.Once before he goes to work and another when he gets home,and usually before he goes to bed. I just want to know if you ladies have any stories of when you get fully spanked by your husband.
My ex husband and I had a very similar agreement that we both signed. (we followed a one sided
Dr Dorothy Spencer agreement--just me being spanked) Spencer had suggest using a list of reason.
And we did that too. Some of my reason included:
1. If I used bad language
2. If I yelled at him--or disrespected him.
3. If I when over budget--was overdrawn at our bank
4. If I did not pay a bill on time and had late charges.
5. If I nagged him.
6. If I was late: late to work, late to Church, late to Dr appointment etc.
7. If I spanked the guyren without a good reason.
8. If I got a ticket from the police.
9. If did not cooperate with one spanking, I would get another one. (if I was slow to bare my bottom)

My ex didn't hold back either. He when full force, but I hated at the time, I bawled my eyes out.
He used his hand followed by ping pong paddle. I was sometime spanked before work too, and before Church some days.
Share your Spanking stories about your guys??
I spank my guys but only when needed and NOT out of anger. I was spanked by my parents too growing up. Please share your story.

What is the worst spanking you ever got?
Do you spank your guy(s)?
Where was the spanking that you gave your guy?
For what??
What age???
How about I share the details of my last date? A lot of spanking went on and it was super fun... of course I was the one holding the paddle. ;o) He was 52 and it was "just because".
Where can i find some good online spanking stories?

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