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Why do some men find pregnant women sexy?
My man keeps telling me im so sexy with being so skinny and just having a large baby belly! I think its weird that men are attracted to women that are knocked up. I would think men would find women sexy that they could knock up so as to spread their seed, not ones that are already fat with baby though it does scream fertile. Im sure thats attractive to men. I just want to know what men think the reason/s is/are.
The only pregnant women men say are sexy are the ones they want to continue having sex with. If he didn't say it, she'd cut him off from sex completely and innocently blame it on her hormones.

Have you EVER heard a guy say a pregnant woman that he's not sleeping with is sexy? Nope.
Women do you feel sexy when you are pregnant?
I honestly think pregnant women are so sexy, hot and yummy looking. I will be honest I often will take a doulbe or triple look, and may even smile and give a friendly "Hi" (of course the father cant be with her =).

Also does it bother you if another man thought u looked sexy when your pregnant?
I would LOVE to get checked out by a guy right now. (in a non-perv way lol). I am 37 weeks and feel like a big, unattractive, sweaty whale!!!
Sexy Pregnant Women?
I think pregnant women are the sexiest women in the world!! Many of my friends don't share this opinion. Any ideas why a man would find a pregnant woman so incredibly sexy?
I do agree with you .. they don;t have eriod time that imterrupts their sex drive .. their hormonal changes makes them more horney .. ans more easily excited to interact for sex activites .. their body changes makes their lower areas more vulnerable for sex actions . and faster reacting .. above all .. they gain enough weight everywhere to look more attractive .. their breast nipples are bigger and harder .. what else would we need to say .. oooh wawwww ..
Sexy pregnant women turn my head?
I just think pregnant women are so so hot, sexy, look yummy. even though I do not tell these women I see in the stores any of this. i do not histate to smile and say hello. What do you think of guys know u dont know look unbelivalbe hot?
You're going to be the most popular guy in this section, you know that? LOL

From me and probably the rest of the pregnant women, thank you, because when our hormones flare up, most of the time we think we're ugly! Thanks for telling us otherwise!!! :)
Why are pregnant women considered sexy and fat-tummy ones not?
I don't get it.

If you like a big belly, why wouldn't you like one that is fat? why is it important to have a baby in it?

Although i don't get the whole 'pregnant women are so damn sexy /drool' concept but no one gets my concept of men should have long thick rich hair, so i'm not judging.

But, a pregnant woman will have the guy at some point, and the tummy will go bye-bye. If you like big tummies wouldn't you go for a woman with a big tummy?
What are you talking about? lol

Pregnant women are beautiful because
they represent what we're all here for, reproduction
they're doing the most beautiful thing in the world
they're the most important people on earth
they're giving life to someone - I mean, that's nothing short of magical!!

I don't know about sexy (I'm not into that sort of thing) - but BEAUTIFUL yes!

As for fatties - I was a bit of a fatty before I fell pregnant and I've always felt sexy and my fiance found me sexy. In real life (not on tv or anything) if you feel sexy (and not arrogant), other people can see your sexiness too.

And one last thing - sexy men should have a short, back and sides lol! Great question btw.

Why do I find pregnant women to be sexy?
I think that pregnant women are the most beautiful and gorgeous women. Now don't get me wrong I love my girlfriend and find here to be drop dead gorgeous and I can't wait to be to the part of my life where we are looking to start a family, but I just find pregnant women to be attractive in a very different yet still very sexy way. Can you explain?
i think that's so sweet and that you would be a great boyfirend /husband one day!
: D
Why do I find Pregnant women to be sexy?
I think that pregnant women are the most beautiful and gorgeous women. Now don't get me wrong I love my girlfriend and find here to be drop dead gorgeous and I can't wait to be to the part of my life where we are looking to start a family, but I just find pregnant women to be attractive in a very different yet still very sexy way. Can you explain?
Pregnant women are very sexy, plain and simple. They are doing something that no one else can do. They are making huge sacrifices for their guy and partner and this is genuine and almost angelic. I think you probably find them sexy because you want to have guyren one day so the sight of a woman expecting touches depths in your soul that you haven't been able to personally experience yet. You look at them in a "wow, you're doing something so incredible" way. That makes them appealing to you. I think it's great to hear someone say this because so many men just look at pregnant women as "fat" or "unavailable" because they are having a baby. More women should hear that they are sexy while pregnant because it's a hard time to keep up your self image.

For the person who said you're sick and're an idiot! How could you say something like that? This man is not saying he wants to run around having sex with every pregnant woman he sees, he's just being honest that pregnant women are sexy and beautiful, which they most certainly are! Don't be such a jerk next time!!!!
Why are pregnant women so sexy?
ever since i was a little boy ive found pregnant woman sexy attractive is this normal?
wow.. that's impressive..
Do other men find pregnant women sexy?
My wife is 8 months pregnant now with our first guy, and our sex life is way up. There's something about a pregnant woman that really turns me on, i dunno, I just find her body shape while she's pregnant to be very hot.

Has anyone else ever felt like this before?
yes most women just "glow" when they are prgnant.
I couldn't keep my eyes off my wife the whole time.

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