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Need help making a sexy generic anime girl costume. What to wear?
I want a brightly colored wig. No sailor outfits please. Something sexy, any suggestions on what to wear?
So many options...seeing as how I don't know what anime you are into, try using the link below to find some pics of costumes you would like to sport.

Click cosplayers and then have fun searching this massive site.
Do you think I'm sick that I feel horny when I look at sexy anime girls?
Do you think I'm sick that I feel all horny when at look at sexy anime girls? Don't get the same feeling for boys at all. I really don't care about anime boys in terms of feelings or hotness.

The worse part that I'm a girl myself.
You're just horny.
What is a good girl anime cosplay I can be for megacon?
Megancon will come soon and I want to be ready and have a good cosplay costumes and all. What's a cute and sexy girl anime or character I can be that anyone would be curious about or whatever? Not sexy in a way where it's showing everything though.

That's a full coverage costume...

Really check out Maka from Soul Eater. Real cool. And sexy from same would be Blair the Cat.
Who is the sexiest anime girl?
i know hinata is the sexiest anime girl to me what about you all?
Asa Shigure & Tomoyo Sakagami
Why do artists make every anime girl look 'sexy' ?
I mean , Zola from Blue Dragon , a bit on the slutty side . And if you google Anime girls , it seems every single has humongous boobs and is wearing slutty clothes . Um , is this for the geeks that own every single Anime magazines to be able to experience 'something' ? LOL , don't hate I was just wondering !
Because the artists of those particular anime pictures are creeps... Japan invented a sex robot and a datable robot for crying out loud! A much easier alternative to get an erection is probably to draw slutts.
C&A Peoples: (>^__~)> Who do you think is a Sexy/Hot Anime Girl!?
\(^__~)> Wuts up C&A Awesome Peoples!

So, about my question. <(^__^)>
Tell me who you think is a very Sexy and Hot Anime girl that you know! Not just a cute or pretty one, but a really Hot one in your opinion.

(>~__^)> This is my pick by the way: Boa Hancock!…

Also, Pics of your choice would be cool...(Better chance at Best Answer!)
Random Manga Question:

- Do you think Manga is Delicious? <(^__^<)


d-(^__~)> Thumbs Up! Thnx for Answering!


Sexy, hot...Lucy from Elfen Lied! ^-^ Man, she's just so freaking sexy! *nosebleed*
(and this is coming from a girl. XP)

If the question would have been cutest character though, I would have said Nyu from Elfen Lied! (I know, I know. Same person, but hell! A facial expression can change a person - or diclonius - so much!)………

How can someone say no to that? I'm squeeing just looking at the pictures! ^-^

Random Manga Question: what way?

In an edible way:
Well, I've never actually eaten manga before but it probably tastes pretty good. I mean, I kind of like the taste of cardboard and paper. >.<

In a sexual way:
Well, I cannot say that manga would necessarily fill my sexual needs. Hell, I guess I'd have to at least TRY first...right? B-but...I couldn't do that to MY manga! *steals Victors manga* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

In an artistic way:
Well, some of the art is delicious. >.< Man...I mean, how can you NOT think that some of the characters just look so...yummy...*nosebleed*

Ermmm, yeah.

I'll stop that.

Grrr, I almost missed this question! It hid from me, I tell you! HID!

Anywho, goooddddbyyyyee! *glomps*


(do you want a waffle?)
Who has the best anime girl christmas picture?
The person to give the best url's aka sites, gets put as best answer! I am looking for a real sexy christmas anime girl or girl's!
try google......
Name some sexy girl anime characters? ?
I'm trying to think of who I should be for a convention I'm going to this year, last year I was Yoko from Gurren Lagann...and I need suggestions for this year please :D
Yuuko - xxxHolic
Hinata - Naruto
Himawari - xxxHolic
Sakura - Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Tsunade - Naruto
Vestal Sprit / Zarashiki? (I think thats what they call) - xxxHolic
Ran Mouri - Detective Conan
Ai Haibara - Detective Conan
Chidori Kaname - Full Metal Panic
Some girls from Fairy Tale

My mind is blank now....
What are some sexy anime girls?
plz write to me some anime girls that look very sexy and cute i prefer her hair to be brown or black
k-on yui
Who Is The Anime Girl In This Picture?
I found a picture of this anime girl on google and I have no idea who she is, what her name is, or even what anime show she's from. Can anyone tell me???

Link to the picture:…
Haha.. i think you've got a crush lol
Her name is Sonsaku Hakufu
Anime - ikkie toussen

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