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Teen pressure... sex drugs drink politics?
My father is a politician in Moscow. On news they say my dad and 6 other politics stole billions from russian peopl and murdered for power.
A journalist asked if I wil run my dads companys the same way as he does. I said yes and now they are saying that russia shouldn't go to teens like me because we will also steal and distroy Russia.
I have to go with security everywhere and feel like everyone judge mi family. I want to have fun even if it is wrong. I do drink and I do have sex but why do they have to take pictures of me? It's my life...
Why do people like judging other people so much?...they always look at the bad things and never the good?
People like to judge because they see their problems as being outside of them.....A lot of people are going to read this and their reaction is going to be "poor little rich girl". Don't let that bother you either. If you want to have fun without having to feel guilty about it, try not feeling guilty about it. While it's true that other's can judge you, on some level you must accept their judgement in order for it to bother you.

Sounds like a rough situation, and honestly, it's probably not going to get any easier for awhile.
If you are a teen having sex, click here!!! :-)?
sex quiz! if you don't get a perfect you shouldn't be screwing around, literally.

1.) list all the methods that GUARANTEE no pregnancy:
2.) list all the bodily fluids by which STD's can be spread:
3.) How many birth control pills can you miss and still be protected?
4.) what has more sperm, pre-*** or climax ***?
5.) If you get pregnant, who's problem is it?

answers below, no cheating ^-^

1.) ABSTINENCE. Birth control pills, condoms, and pulling out do not work 100%. Pulling out = buy a condom at least, because this is like playing russian roulette.
2.) anything except spit.
3.) one.
4.) pre-***.
5.) both of yours. It's never "he forgot a condom" or "she forgot a pill". Take responsibility for your actions.

sorry if this comes off wrong, but i'm disturbed by how many teens on yahoo answers ask questions about sex that they should have known by their period/first ***.
You are awesome.

If I was still a teenager, I would have got the answers right. Mind you, I read Cosmo pretty early :P

I agree with you that there's a shocking amount of teenagers on here- boys and girls- that don't know anything at all.
Should teens be taught more about sex ed?
I'm 16 and I know the fact that there are more ways than having sex to get pregnant. Just because you aren't having sex doesn't mean u still can't get pregnant. The pull-out method is like playing russian roulette and foreplay alone can also cause pregnancy. Any form of protection should be used in any sexual activity. The problem is, teens only see sex as a reason to use protection. Do you guys think more sex ed is necessary to get this through more of ou heads?
I think teens know all about sex ed they just believe it can never happen to them because they are invincible. Another theory is they believe the benefits will outweigh the risk of an STD or getting pregnant. I don't think there is anything we can do about the rate of teen sex besides have parents explain what is morally wrong and the consequences more thoroughly.
Anyone else find this disgusting? Sending Russian teens to 'population increase camps'??
This organisation is a youth movement run by the Kremlin that has become a central part of Russian political life. Nashi's annual camp, 200 miles outside Moscow, is attended by 10,000 uniformed youngsters and involves two weeks of lectures and physical fitness. Sex is encouraged, and condoms are nowhere on sale.

"Remember the mammoths, say the clean-cut organisers at the youth camp's mass wedding. "They became extinct because they did not have enough sex. That must not happen to Russia". Obediently, couples move to a special section of dormitory tents arranged in a heart-shape and called the Love Oasis, where they can start procreating for the motherland.…
I am originally from Russia and THIS GOES TO SHOW why you cannot be proud of ANYTHING (country, etc.) other than what YOU accomplish or that you are an active part of, because once that anything turns around and do something like this, you see that you were never really proud of that anything in the first place, but rather proud of your true-to-heart contributions to what you believed was the good.

It is disgusting. Putin is a mofo, but he's widely popular there. That whole country, save for a few, is quite uncivilized. What they do to visiting Afrian university students (beat them in mobs, throw stones at them as they walk out from their classrooms... this is mostly done by gangs of teens, though) is even more despicable.
If a sex offender sleeps at his dads house but is at his ex's house mostly, where does he have to register?
My friend is a sex offender, he came across a Russian website that had age teens on it, he clicked on a pic of a 14 year old he has to register for life for possession of guy porn...he has a wife and two young guys....he and his wife have separated, he now lives with his father...but by lives with his father I mean this. He wakes up at his dads house, then goes to work all day, then goes back to his wifes house where he spends time with his guys and feeds them dinner and puts them to bed, then he talks and hangs out with his wife for a bit before heading back to his dads to question is this...since he is either at work or at his wifes house 99% of the time and only at his dads for th 7 hours a night he sleeps...what address should he put down as his registered address.....he wants to avoid being registered where his guyren live so they d not have to feel any social outcasting from his mistake. So what constitutes where you live? Is it where you sleep? I guess a good analogy would be two guys who are roomates, one guy works all day then goes to his girlfriends house all night til he wants to go to sleep, then he goes back to the apartment and sleeps, so even though he is only at the apartment for the time in which he sleeps, wouldnt he be considered as livivng there?
his best bet would be to explain this situation at the registration and do as they suggest
My husband looks at teen porn.. Is he sick??
I'm 32 and he is 31. We have sex everyday. I look very young (people say I look 22 years old) and always have young men trying to hit on me. My husband sells porn to his cousins and friends. He looks at all kinds of girls (white, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Brazillian etc.) But once in a while he looks at teen porn. He says they're over 18 and says I'm overreacting. Am I overreacting or is he a sick man?? Is he with me because maybe I look like a girl??
No, it's not disgusting, and he's NOT sick. As long as you're not talking guydie porn, it's all fair game.

If they're 18 or over, you're absolutely overreacting.

Some 18 year olds find a promising career in porn BECAUSE they look like they might be about 16 or so but they can legally make porn videos so that's why they're cast. There are some porn videos that cater to an audience that like girls that look like LITTLE girls but are in fact legal adults.

Relax! You're getting way too worked up over it!

Now if you're talking about a video that looks like it stars a 12 year old in somebody's basement that's a different story...
Would you go to a teen club/teen centre in your town?
I tried to start one in St. Catharines, Ont but it got shot down faster than a Russian satellite coz adults there I guess don't care about teens and/or don't think very highly of them. If you don't know the area, at night it swarms w/ teens who have nothing to do. (and don't say "get a job", there are hardly any jobs for teens in North America).
So, I had the paperwork done, and found someone interested in funding it. I would like to try again!

I'd start the first Teen Centre where I live in southern Ontario and maybe 1 day it'll spread across North America :).
These are my ideas. Please tell me what you think.

*min. adult supervision- needs to be adults who are laidback (ex: if you deal drugs you get in trouble, but if you're swearing they leave you alone). I don't want it crawling w/ adults. I'd prefer the adults to be young, but mature.
*dress however you want but NO gang affliation
*no weapons, drugs, or alcohol (sorry it has to be legal)
*for ages 14-18 (assistants ages 19-21)
*cafe (all types of food/drink)
*movie night (14A or R) every Fri 8pm
*amateur night every Sat 7-9pm (come show your stuff), dance every Sat 9pm-midnight
*teen centre open M-Th 3pm-10pm, and Fri+Sat 11am-midnight
*optional volunteer work
*optional counseling (maybe)
*optional peer tutoring (language, English, math, science,etc)
*optional life skills courses: infant, sex/relationships, CPR, cooking, cars, college, money etc
*fashion show (summer/winter)
*no bullying policy
*no discrimination policy
*FREE membership. You pay for the events. Ex: $2 for the movie night
*sign in/out of the centre
*teambuilding events
*presentations-if a teen or teens want to present an issue or artwork, etc
*maybe photography club
*sports- BB court, skateboard park

Any other ideas? Do you like it or not?
i would love it so much seeing as there is nothing for teens to do in my town, and when i say nothing i mean nothing, no movie theaters, no bowling, no clothes stores, the only pool is on the rich part of town and we cant afford to go to it (i mean really, $350 to swim in a pool for a summer), and then adults get mad when we hand out in parks, which they say are for little guys, and on corners, they assume we are drug dealers or something, so we resort to sitting in friends basements, which gets really boring after about 5 minutes. we sit inside and our parents tell us to get out of the house, so we go outside and adults yell at us to leave where ever we are because since were 17 we must be up to no good. we do have a rec center but its mainly guys under the age of 12 there, its just one big room with a pool table in the middle with half the balls missing in the basement of a community center, so not to much fun. it would be great to just have somewhere to go to just hang out and have fun, plus it would have a huge influence on the guys in the town, who you cant exactly blame for getting in trouble when theres nothing to do and nobody gives a crap about them. you would have a lot of trouble keeping the gangs and drugs out in my town though, but if you found a way, it would be so cool to just have a safe place to chill where we feel we are supposed to be there. maybe it would be cool if you had another part of the building for younger guys, like half would be a teen zone and half would be a guy zone, and you have to be a certain age for each, because i know in my town we really could use a way to give the little guys a safe fun place to go after school. if only you could come down to where i am in NY to do it.
I want only men to answer this question please...My husband looks at teen porn.. Is he sick??
I'm 32 and he is 31. We have sex everyday. I look very young (people say I look 22 years old) and always have young men trying to hit on me. My husband sells porn to his cousins and friends. He looks at all kinds of girls (white, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Brazillian etc.) But once in a while he looks at teen porn. He says they're over 18 and says I'm overreacting. Am I overreacting or is he a sick man?? Is he with me because maybe I look like a girl??...I don't have a problem w/him looking at porn just teen porn that bothers husband is a great man...(hard working, always home, doesn't do drugs, doesn't go out drinking,always helping out w/chores and cars) but I don't know if I should be worried??
Let's see, you both look at porn, you say he's a great guy, and you have sex with him every day I'd say both of you are extremely lucky and live in a little paradise all of your own. Congratulations.
Teen life style in Australia , UK or New york ? ( please help with this ! )?
Hello , i do not like my contrie ( i live in venezuela ) , and i want to move to an other contie for 6 moths with the excuse than i am going to learn English ( my native lenguaje is spanish and italian because part of my family ) , i am thinking about Australia , UK , or New york , wish one do you think its better to meet people , have fun, learn english and learn in school ? . . . sometimes i dont like New york because there are a lot of people who know spanish ( thats what people say ) ... is it trude ? , and other questions , in my contrie the girls use to think than i am ugly , but the russians girls dont use to think it , do you think i am ugly ? ... where are you from ? and hows the tenn life style in your contrie ? . . . about drugs , sex , alkol etc ... ( i am 15 allmost 16 and the pics are a litte bit old )…

thank you =)

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