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Do you think mcgruber freind who he was wearing the pee pee pants for was acually the undertaker?
Taker decided he would take a whiz in his pants and make them pee pants and then acaully made MCGRUBER wear his pee pants because taker. (not a serious question, probaly retarted.)
♥ Whatever
Do you have in embarrassing pee pants stories?
you can be at any age. you could have just been very desperate. it. can be on accident or purpose. how did you cope with it. where were you why did you do it and who was around.
When my older cousin and I are together we always laugh a lot. I don't know why but we just have a great time. One time we were watching a movie and I said something then she said something and next thing we know we are having a laugh attack (normal) and then she is like "OMG I just peed my pants......" I laughed even harder and ended up leaking and running to the bathroom where she opened the door to show me her pants and ended up peeing in her new shorts! :] Such a good memory. We were 16 & 21. We just laugh about it now.

Also, one time I took a laxative then a friend called and asked if I wanted to hang. SO I was like sure!!! Totally forgetting that I took the laxative which was supposed to work in 6-12 hours....well thirty minutes into our adventure I was like I have to use the restroom where can I find one (we were at a haunted house set up) and she was mumbled something like "oh let me find dad and we will go somewhere" Well needless to say that somewhere was clear across town and 1.5 later....By the time I was walking to the bathroom I already knew the rest of my nigh would result in going commando...............

As for coping with this one...No one really knows except my wonderful fiance who at the time listened to my sobs on the phone then again when I got home. I was so embarrassed...I don't think my friend knows and I am not going to tell her. :]
Sometimes when I fart I pee alittle in my pants, is this a health concern?
The other day I was walking through the mall and I pushed a really big fart out and alittle bit of pee came out too. Please help I'm scared I have something.
Maybe you can take an anti-gas medicine if you are really concerned but I think that you just pushed out your flatulence too hard. Wait for it to be ready and then fart.
How much would someone have to pay you to pee your pants?
It doesn't particularly mean in public. A friend of mine peed herself for 10 bucks while she was drunk last night right outside of a club. I was wondering, (especially for girls, because for some reason, it seems less of a big deal for guys since they can laugh it off easier), how much would someone have to pay you to pee your pants in public? What about around the house with just a friend?
In public, no amount of money is enough because I have had to go so bad on a couple of occasions I have accidently peed myself in public and the humiliation and embarrassment is horrible! Around the house you could not pay me with anyone but my husband and I have done that for him on a couple of occasions for free.
What will happen if I pee my pants in church?
I'm 14, but I still have to go to church with my parents every Sunday. I hate it. I have an idea though to get out of it. I thought that I could pee my pants in church during the service. Then my parents would be embarrassed and wouldn't make me go anymore. Do you think this will work?
Wait in one of your other questions you asked about hiding drugs in your diaper... so you're 14, you like diapers, and do crack?
How can I make a girl pee her pants?
I get a little turned on when girls pee their pants, and I want to find a way to make it happen to my girlfriend. I need something that won't seem too obvious that I'm doing it on purpose. Something like holding her down or tickling her would seem suspicious.

For those of you that contribute nothing to the answers, I am not the most disgusting person in the world, ever heard of necrophilia? Yea, I'm pretty sure thats worse.
K well there isnt a way. sorry to burst your bubble. i had a bf that was into pee too. he got me to pee on him a couple time and it depends on your girl she may be super weirded out by it or if she is a bit kinky she may want to try it out. be honest tell her you want to TRY it but dont push it cause it may make her uncomfortable
Why do I pee my pants in bed a little bit?
Every once in a while, I pee my pants when I'm sleeping. The weird thing about it is it's like goop in my underwear in the morning - not really like pee. What is going on with me?
the story no my life lol that happens to me every night 2 and its because when you sleep your dick the pee slips out and sometime sperm cells *** out as well so don't worry it happens the best of us its either pee or sperm kinda like a wet dream n that's when you dream about a girl or a boy i don't judge and you get turned on to the point where sperm comes out.... yea i know
How do u make some1 pee their pants?
i was told if u stick some1's fingers in water they'll pee their pants, but they weren't sure if it was cold or hot water. i heard they will pee their pants with luke warm water, and hot water, and really cold water, what is it?
Save the time and trouble and skip the middle man! Pour warm water in thier crotch region and BAM! they think they did it themselves.
For best results add a touch of onion and garlic salt to the mix with Mountain dew for color and viscosity. :)
Why do cross country runners pee their pants?
My girlfriend, along with basically her whole girls cross country team pee their pants during meets. Why is this? Even if they pee right before the race, some still do. Even some guys do. A couple actually ended up with some extra luggage in their trunk if you catch my drift.
Well you have some 'effin weird runners on your girlfriends team.

We don't piss our shite our pants when we run. Running doesn't cause you to lose control of your bowel movements.
However, maybe the people you're seeing are sweating, and that's it.
What do I do if I pee my pants in class?
What do I do if I pee my pants in class? I'm just wondering because I've seen it happen to other people before.
Just Grin and bear it.

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