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What is with models breasts ?
i have seen victoria secret and lots of incredibly skinny models who have very large breasts for their weight and they claim they are real. so whats the deal, epic push up bras ? air brushed boobs ?
if you want enhance your breasts naturally then you should:
1) use breast enhancement exercise programs. there are very many different programs
2)Another answer to the question of how to enhance breasts is massage. There are several massage techniques that can tone and increase breasts. Women who want to try self-massage should be careful to use a lubricant, apply steady pressure, and know that the wrong technique can actually cause damage. However, there are many sources in print and on the internet which can give good breast massage techniques.

3) also I recommend to use some herbal options!

in that case Brest-Actives is a good (probably the best) product that enhance your breasts naturally (only natural Components) and makes you feel more happier about your body! of course best results will be if you will use full course.

It works for me!

im using breast actives for about a month now and my breast seems to be fuller than before. I wear a size 32b bra and its a bit loose and now my bras are actually more tighter! On the first week or so u'll feel ur breast being sore and sensitive like when u are on ur period. But after a 2 weeks the feeling of soreness is gone. i heard that u have to continuously taking breast active for 6 months for it to gain at least a cup size. Also, i have breast that is slightly smaller than the other when my nipples arent hard.

I do not know if any pharmacies carry Brest-Actives but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here

over your lifetime your breasts sag and shrink with age. Sometimes this can begin even as early as ~20 years of age. So even if everything is fine now, things do change. that means you need some supplements that provide nutrients that you may be missing if you are not eating a balanced diet.

good luck!
Can I model with large breasts?
I have huuuuuuuuge boooobs. (all natural ) I'm 5'7. lol, i've got an hourglass figure. so im not very thin. thankssss
hmm... how huge? You've a good height and we're loving the hourglass right now. Are you pretty enough?
Why do most models have small breasts?
I always thought that the perfect woman's body was skinny with large breasts.
its bcause the designers always wanted the clothes to hang on the model like a hanger, tths why theyre skinny on the catwalk ect
Can a skinny girl with big boobs still model?
i know there isn't that big of a chance to be a big time model,but if i could..i am skinny,but not anorexic looking and very tall,but have a 36 C. i know a lot of victoria secret models have large breasts,but it takes a while to become a do they like tape down your chest to make you fit into clothes?
The fashion models are not there to look especially pretty, or desireable. They are there only to show off the clothes. Most designers will design the modeling clothes to fit a tall, skinny girl without any curves...and curves include breasts as well as hips and butt. There are always far more girls who want to go into modeling than there are jobs, so it's very easy for the modeling agencies to simply pick the girls with the right body type to begin with. The designers find it easier to make the clothes look better on a long, lean model.

If you are exceptionally talented and have great presence, and you're tall enough and otherwise skinny enough, you might be able to get into fashion modeling. However, you won't have very many jobs at all, because you won't fit into the clothes. The designers don't have time to tailor clothes to fit a particular model. I'm not saying this to be mean, but that's the reality of the situation.
Is it necessary that a catwalk model has small breasts?
I was reading today and I was a little shocked to see that some of the requirements for a catwalk model is being very skinny with small breasts. I knew that they had to be very skinny, of COURSE, they're models. But is it always required that their breasts are small too? I also read this is mainly because it's hard to find someone so thin with large breasts, but if they were-- would a modeling agency be more likely to shoot them down? And why?
Not sure
Fake breasts and modeling: should enhanced women really be models?
In general, I think of a "model" to be a standard that sets the bar.
This decade, I have noticed a big shift in popular media away from the image of fake breasts. I have read that movie producers are steering clear of them and going with natural looking women, even if they are do not have large breasts. But In popular media, especially in America, most female celebrities continue to have fake breasts. Now, I don't blame actrors or singers that pay to work on there image. However, I just don't get why producers of beauty model magazines, calendars, etc hire fake chested women when there are so many beautiful natural women out there. A classic example is Playboy magazine where, in my opinion, there are so many plastic Barbies as "models." and I find it funny how natural is so rare that Playboy has a special issue dedicated to it. Now if big breasts are a must, there must be more models out there like Lucy Pinder

Now, a woman's choice to get breast enhancements is her own choice. I'm not into fake breasts but I think it's great that a woman can pay to look like a model. However, I'm not too fond of fake models. I feel as though it is cheap cheating.
Of course most women do not look like Barbies, and so having Barbies as a standard sets high pressure on women in terms of beauty. Now, I have to say big breasts are always going to be in demand, just like skinny is, but I say leave the job of modeling to real women.

Now this question is open to everybody: what is the difference between steroids in baseball and fake breasts in modeling?
Sorry I didn't read your whole thing, but no, I don't think they should...well their unnatural and unrealistic appearance should not be what people concider "The Bar". They should be able to model... with a * by their name.
What body do you think looks better?
The model who is pear shaped with small breast…

Or the model with large breasts, but no hips…

just curious
Ironically I would say the first model looks better.
Though I can't seem to fully accept my large hips and small breasts...

I think b/c all of today's "fashions" are centered around a model similar to the second type you posted; it's hard to find flattering apparel for a pear-shaped body.

Underwear modelling with small boobs?
Hi there,
I know as a rule underwear models have large breasts but I was wondering as there seem to be new lines of underwear for smaller busts if anyone knows how to break into 'small boob underwear modelling' lol? I've done some modelling before but would like to try underwear but being a 32B I know conventionally I wouldn't fit the bill!

Any advice welcome :)

not true at all, Kate Moss modeled Calvin Klein underwear and has a small chest…
Plenty of bra ads feature A and B cup models. It's not all VS models with D cups
Plus, VS photoshops their models to death - this is what Adriana Lima's chest really looks like in a bikini… compared to the DD chest they create for the VS catalog…
A movie i saw in the mid the late 90s on late night tv on sci-fi channel i think?
it was a bout a alien that came to earth and was being pursued by the military, she can change height, shape and race.
she takes shelter in a soldiers apartment and in the process changes to all sorts of races, and height of women and has intercourse with him after he comes home each time he returns (off camera, but it could be the tv version of the movie)
the soldier who helped her is always meeting his superior in some sort of grudgey bar like place

i think she goes home into outer space in the end

this was on late at night so its probably not exactly guy appropriate, and I've been trying to figure out the title, please help

and one more movie

its a bout a killer who takes women to his place as a "talent scout" for movies, where he rapes them i guess and then kills them (the place looks like a one room apartment with a mattress and not much more furniture

three women who look like they had huge breasts and wear really short or little/tight clothing, and have long hair come to town and investigate the crime (cops i suppose)

all the female actors look like playboy models with large breasts, and curves that all look the same maybe hair color difference.

in the end he is caught by the three female cops
I think you're looking for a porno flick

The only movie that comes to mind is Species.
Japanese Female Model?
What's The Name of a Japanese Female Model, with Large Breasts? She Appears in Videogames Magazines Oftenly...
Ayumi doesn't have big breast so I know she is not the one.
There're few Japanese model with big breast name few...

Aki Hoshino
Waka inoue

Do you have pic of her???

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