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Which girl do you thnk would be better for this guy?
the guy: he is 14 years old. he's a history buff, an amatuer ariter, and a semi-professional actor. He's mature for his age, funny, and is very self-confident.

girl#1: she is a semi-professional actor and dancer. she's 12 years old and funny.

girl#2: she's 13 years old. she's mature, funny, and is an amatuer dancer.
honestly, it should be the one that he is more attracted to, but if i had to guess, i would say girl number 2 because it seems like they would have a lot more chemistry.
How can i be better at real life than on the net?
I have tons of friends on youtube,facebook,yahoo,msn and a lot of other sites...people admire me on my blogs,and look up to me (some LOL)..but in real life..i just have 1 friend who i met often...i hate EVERYONE at my school,they're not my type..I hate this city,in the previous city i had like tons of friends..but i hate people trying to shift back there but idk if its possible :( but i really do suck at real going to the 7th grade and im very mature..i dont like to do amatuer things so is that why guys of my age don't like me?
May be in real life you are the REAL Aarti.......and you try to be a hip hop kind in front of others........

A person should have all kinds of attitude which make people comfortable arounf him/her.

With a guy you need to be a little foolish, since you are a guy yourself you can try to be jovial etc etc with your friends and you act mature with people who are mature. People mingle easily with others who have same personality but it should not be like you should have problems mingling with people of different personalities.

I hope you understood.
Teenager Feeling Like Something is Holding Her Back?
Okay, I know that this has been said in most places, but I feel that this has effected me my entire life.

I have two sides of me. One is the girl who acts like a complete tomboy, plays video games, usually wears the tomboyish cloths, jokes with friends, very social, loves anime, etc. The average teenager.

Then their's the side that my psycologist calls "a 27 year-old in a 16 year old body". Very mature, thinks deeper than people around her, sees things differently, has a very extended vocabulary than others around her, who is an inspiring amatuer authoress.

The thing is, I don't want to present myself as my tomboyish side so people will get too comfortable with me so they know times to take me seriously. The thing is, it's labeling me as weird, a snob, and very up-tight. I want to open-up more, but I keep thinking something is holding me back, especially when I start "dating".

Is it me that's grown-up past her age, or should I think otherwise?
You sound kind of dramatic. Also it sounds like you analyze yourself waaaaaay too much. Seriously, I think the most neurotic people say "My psychologist says..." Stop thinking about yourself so much and just be who you are. You sound like you think you're really gifted and smart. But the smartest and coolest people I know are just themselves and don't think about it. If you want to play video games and write, do it. There are a lot of smart and diverse teens out there. You're unique... just like everybody else :)

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