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All Comments

Is it hard to remeber the exact detail of a masturbation fantasy for anyone?
I can recall the generalities, and know who it was about, but it seems hard to catch the details.
If you have a photographic eiditic memory, you can project the actual crystal clear memories into your minds eye <3
What's your favorite fantasy you experienced through masturbation?
tell me what you motions you did, what you used to give you an orgasm and what did you fantasize

BQ: who masturbates more: girls or guys?
I like to dress up in some sexy womans clothing to include black thigh-high stockings and a short skirt or some sexy lingerie. I then fantasize that a girl had forced me to dress up in some sexy woman's clothing and made me up to look like a slutty girl. Then we start having sex while I'm still wearing the outfit, but another guy comes up behind me, lifts up my short skirt, and starts doing me from behind at the same time. Another guy comes up puts his thing in her mouth, but she then makes me start taking turns with her.

Usually I just use the woman's clothing that I am wearing and my hand. Sometimes I will add an anal toy.

Guys definitely masturbate more than girls.
Sexual fantasy/masturbation, is it a fantasy?
I visualise someone penetrating me hard and fast whilst masturbating but its not really a fantasy is it?

or does that class as one? (i know this is a bit explicit, but it's been bugging me)

when someone asks me what my sexual fantasy is, I don't know! :s
i don't think its a fantasy you just have to find a good person to do it!
How to recover quickly from masturbation fantasy?
maybe be i am asking about against nature question but i am having in trouble with quick regain from a masturbation
some of you males masturbate in bathroom or sex but i masturbate while lying on bed and jerking with rubbing the surface of bed with private part. its really give you good **** but it ruin my clothes i mean my undergarments and pajama or short you wearing!
then i have to wash my all clothes but main thing here is it take me one day to recover from physically and one day more to recover from mentally i mean it take two days to fully recover from a masturbation event and do something useful fro myself and other .
so how you resolve this! please dont say quit because its not the solution because
the study shows masturbation and sex develop your sex organs(and i dont want a rabbit penis)!
and its against the nature to quit something which is made for a specif purpose!
i think you just conclude how simple thing can be complex sometimes!
Well maybe you should move your fun to a shower or just the bathoom so you don't have to clean up when your done and for the recovering part umm well my bf usually just distracts himself with video games or tv or making lunch when he's done and gets over it pretty fast
Is masturbation without porn or sexual fantasy, a sin?
Just a question that i find little answer to because the bible does not talk about it and i would like to know if it against gods will to masturbate.
I don't believe so. Whip your meat out and go from there.;)
Masturbation fantasy? Girls only please?
Hi of late a lot of times while changing into night clothes my live in BF strips and masturbates in front of me. I really don't mind it. in fact its exciting to watch him do it some times and besides its not affecting our frequency of sex. Last night he said he wanted to watch me pleasure myself. I was embarrassed and refused. Is it ok to do it in front of him???

Hey Alpa

Whats there to get embarrassed? Not that he has not seen you or felt you before :).... There is absolutely no harm in experimenting. In fact you should.. very clearly he is taking a good initiative. If you are enjoying it you should encourage him. Between a couple why feel shy of masturbating in front of each other.

It will be a great learning for both of you. You will realize what works for each of you. He will learn a lot by watching you pleasure yourself, it will surely make sex more fun. We also try it time to time and trust me it does wonders ;)

So go right ahead and keep experimenting and enjoy
Do your masturbation fantasies match your actual fantasies?
I'd never date a man more than say eight or so years older (I'm 26) but when I masturbate it is always to forty to sixty year old men, anybody else feel the same? Why might this be?!
No, they don't necessarily match up, and that is fine. Either way, don't be too concerned about being "normal," or anything like that. Sexuality is a huge part of our identities as human beings after all, and you should feel free to express it how you see fit, especially in the privacy of your own home (as long as no one gets hurt or anything of course!). In the end, as long as these fantasies aren't distressing or getting in the way of your day to day functioning, there's not really any reason to be concerned.
Facebook is to socialising what masturbation is to sex?
Facebook is to socialising what masturbation is to sex?
I came across this rather provocative analogy on a blog, and I'm really curious to see what other people think!

Just to reaffirm, this is an analogy: basically saying that facebook is as 'real' socialising as masturbating is 'real sex'.
Facebook may be construed as a single person (almost selfish) exercise in which the sole desire is self gratification, ego boosting and a fair amount of fantasy- just like masturbation.
Untrue, facebook and other forums still require another party to respond in order to fulfil their objective whereas masturbation requires no such confirmation

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