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Girls spying on nude guys manga?
I'm searching for a manga comic or manga scenes that contain a girl or a couple of girls spying at a nude guy/guys.
One comic that has that content is Manugzo.
There`s a girl that is spying on nude guys.
Help drawing female anime/manga nude?
I can't figure out how to draw breasts right. Also, I can't find tutorials on how to draw the vagina. I know that sounds weird.
Haha, does sound a little weird, but that's okay!
Can only really offer a little advice on the breasts. From what I've seen, most people draw perfect circles, with the nipples exactly in the center, and this is obviously not the case in reality (unless you are looking at implants, I guess.) Hint at the curve, don't draw the entire outline, because then it looks too balloon like.
Good luck.
Does anybody know a manga about a girl falling in love with a painter and posing nude for him?
it's a story about a girl who was robing guys ( more or less) and ends up posing nude for the guy. i liked it and read the first chapters but stopped and now i forgot it's name. can somebody help me?
is it Torikagosou no Kyou mo Nemutai Juunintachi??

With a group of friends, 16 year old Kizuna stalks the city at night, flirting with middle-aged men and coercing them out of their money. The thrill should be enough to satiate her, but Kizuna remains unsatisfied with her everyday life… until a beautiful woman named Inoue Yuki, a fellow resident of “Birdcage Manor” approaches her with a job proposition- to model in the nude for her cousin, a painter and fellow resident named Yuusei Asai!……
Yaoi and Yuri look exactly the same in a non-nude manga. Why do people react differently to them?
Seriously now, two girly men kiss in a manga, both have long hair and female faces, they literally can't be told apart from women, yet the comments will have guys posting

"Gouges eyes out"

and the women going


Two women kiss, long hair, female faces, look exactly like the Yaoi and the guys will go


and the women will go


Am I missing something here? Its not like the Yaoi have male secondary sexual characteristics, they actually are given female secondary sexual charactistics.

Now, I am already convinced that sexual orientation is merely a social construct and that straight people merely have what is essentially a fetish for the opposite sex and homosexuals merely have a fetish for the same sex.

And even more recently I have come to realize both genders prefer the female secondary sexual characteristics to the male secondary characteristics.

However that has nothing to do with the question so don't bother trying to use it as an answer.

My question is simply this, why is it, when confronted with a picture of what is essentially two women kissing, people react so differently depending entirely on what the label is?

If none of the answers deal with actual social psychology, then the best answer will be the person that can say, "People are stupid" is the most entertaining manner.

And I will once again resign my self to the fact that yahoo answers is useless for getting answers.
I wouldn't get off on it but if i did the Girly men in Yaoi as you put it, would not do it for me as i can see the masculinity in them. They have cute boy faces, some others more masculine. I wouldn't say they were feminine faces.

You said YOU realise both genders prefer the female characteristics. But that's your opinion not fact. The characteristics are the Ideal of that women want in a relationship. The tenderness and understanding and thoughtfulness etc are qualities that are in men but they never allow themselves to be so much that way generally speaking. Even in long term relationships men stop nurturing the relationship and become passive with it. Women always complain about things like this. Men even use porn as a substitute for their partner which in turn makes the man numb to romance and love in the relationship and in the bedroom.

But don't forget the artwork is simply cartoons. Even the Yuri Girls are too flowery. I can barely be aroused by that at all. They don't have enough masculinity and no girl looks like that in real life.

Take the hentai shemales, a lot of guys think that's arousing and i totally understand that without having to see it.
Were the nude scenes more explicit in the manga than in the anime?
I'm just curious. Please don't report me.
Try watching Hentai.
Where can I find Manga tutorials online that are not gross?
You see, i am a big fat Manga fan and i want to learn Manga online that doesn't have too much information (you know showing them nude...) because i am a guy. AND I LOVE MANGA!!! Please ANSWER! Remember not disgusting!
Well really, when you're drawing, most artists get the anatomy down first, which involves gross stuff I guess you could call it? (And trust me, you don't know gross until you work in a cadaver lab).

So anyway, here's a few good tutorials. I'm not too sure about "gross" and "disgusting," as chances are you can't avoid it forever, but these ones are particularly helpful.…………………

Yes, I do love hoarding art tutorials.
Is the berserk manga by kentaro miura legal?
I mean, If I recall correctly, there's rape, mutilation, dismemberment, cannibalism, etc performed on nude men, women, guyren, etc.
I've never seen it but I assume that it is a drawing or a painting, that doesn't involve real people. If it is and it doesn't run afoul of obscenity laws (those vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and, generally, are found to be unconstitutional) it is legal.
What female anime/manga/video game character should I cosplay?
16 years old
Shoulder length white/blonde hair (I have 18" extensions)
Brown eyes (I can buy contact lenses but I'll try to don't)
38D (boobs)

I don't want to be almost nude.
I've already cosplay Chii from Chobits, I want to change.

What female anime/manga/video game character should I cosplay ?
Sailor moon.... xD
I'm looking for a manga that i have previously read?
The story is about this girl that is kind of alone. She lives in an apartment building and an older guy that oil paints lives there as well. After a few encounters the girl becomes the nude model for his oil paintings. Thats all I can remember.
That could either be....

Or some other anime that no one has subbed yet...but looked kinda interesting. Either way both the girl leads had blue hair. Not sure.

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