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What movies have passionate lesbian sex scenes?
i currently watch the l word and i think its great but does anyone know any movies which have great lesbein sex in. thanx for your answers x
Loving Annabelle*
Imagine Me & You*
Lost and Delirous
The Incredible Adventures of Two Girls In Love*

(the ones marked with the stars are my favorites!)
If a woman enjoys lesbian sex scenes, is she a lesbian?
It's a known fact that men enjoy watching lesbian porn, and many women enjoy man on man action, but what about the women who enjoy lesbian sex scenes, does this mean they are gay?
I think women value sensual pleasure and teasing, and this is understood between women. So, when I see lesbian porn it really involves the fantasy of the feeling involved, and really wishing that the woman could be a guy doing it the right way.
Lesbians: Tips on writing proper lesbian sex scenes?
For those women who've had more experience in this area than I (which isn't much), I'd really like to know.

Do you have any tips on how to *write* a lesbian sex scene, or things to avoid? Anything you can think of is helpful. I just want to make sure I get it right, and that my limited personal experience doesn't make the scenes lack for realistic detail.

Thank you!
a lesbian sex scene could inclue, pussy licking, fingering, breast rubbing, making out, scissoring, 69, use of strap ons, use of sex toys eg dildos, *** licking

if you dont know what any of them are then you should google them, or you could just watch a lesbian porn and get your tips of there.
Movie with a good lesbian sex scene?
I am a lesbian and am looking to have some fun with my girlfriend. I want to watch a light, fun movie, but I want the movie to have a plot as well. Also, some good, hot, nude sex scenes. Any ideas?
Wild Things
Mulholland Drive
Is there a lesbian sex scene in the book The Color Purple?
I haven't read this book in years. I remember lesbian undercurrents, but not an actual sex scene.
Thanks for answering.
No, there isn't. Not an actual sex scene, though much is hinted at regarding rape, abuse, and salvation in forms unexpected.
What are some movies with lesbian kissing/sex scenes in them?
Thanks. :)
The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls in Love
Better Than Chocolate
Lost and Delirious
Imagine Me & You
Loving Annabelle
If a straight girl is turned on by the sex scenes in The L-Word, does that mean she's bisexual?
If a straight girl gets horny and very much enjoys watching the numerous lesbian sex scenes in The L-Word, does that mean she's actually bisexual?
No, not necessarily.
Are there detalied sex scenes in the book annie on my mind?
just curious
and if not what books are there that do have details lesbian sex scenes in them
no real detail

if you are really old enough to read such books you are old enough to know exactly where and how to get them so you wouldn't need to ask here
What is the point of the lesbian sex scene in Black Swan?
I don't understand how it contributed to the movie... and why would Nina have a fantasy about her rival?
It was meant to symbolize Nina's progressive descent from good to bad, or from White swan to black. The black swan's influence further encroaching upon Nina's fragile, virginal white swan.

PS: Don't listen to the above posters. Of all the modern Hollywood films, Black Swan is not one of the shallow, vapid, money grabbing ones.
Where can I find the full version of the Black Swan lesbian sex scene?
Any help would be appreciated. Please no rude comments. Thanks. :)

I've watched it there.. Lol

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