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What is the name of the Latin teen pop star who made a video around 2003 of a guy in a car accident?
Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
I believe the song was called "angel". It's by Belinda, i bought her album after that song came out. One of her other songs is "lo siento"
Where can I take latin ballroom dancing as a teen in ma?
All the classes are for adults. Where can I take a latin ballroom class as a teen?
I don't know of any studios that won't take a teen! Try finding one through this website:

If you don't have any luck there, check to see you have a ballroom dance society in your area. They will likely be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck!
Who are the young male LATIN teen heart throbs?
Thank you!
The male members of RBD. Those are the only young ones I could come up with.
Whats in style for latin teen guys right now?
im still wearing baggy clothing and idk if i should change my style up. so any suggestions?
The style for Latinos is baggy jeans, perferably black or dark blue, a plain, kinda big tee (T-Shirt), and some nice kicks (shoes), perferably jordans, nikes, etc...

Also, have your hair either spiked up or long, but certainly not messy, or tangled hair!!! Thats a big NO NO!!!!
What's the difference between teen parties in the US and Latin America?
I'm trying to do research on teen parties in different regions, including the age guys usually start having parties, and typical activities like dancing, etc. I'm not coming up with much online so I thought getting personal experience input might help.
in the usa their is laws that make teen parties boring, while in latin america is more fun, more freedom, and more stuff to do, ive been there, their laws are not exaggerated like here in the usa
What's the best hair style for latin teens?
Ive had a messy hair cut for as long as i can remember but i want to change it up?
Faux hawks are hotttt

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