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Japanese schools?
I was wondering what's required to spend a school year in Japan? Please post info on costs, language, ect. I want to go for my senior year. What are Japanese schools like? What classes are availible?
I've taught in Japanese schools now for nearly six years.

As to the tatoos and hair. What the other folks have said about it is true FOR JAPANESE STUDENTS. Foreigners, particularly visiting foreigners get a lot more slack. There are a very large number of highschool exchange programs for young students available. I know that in particular both the Rotary Club and the Lions club do them. There are also a number done in conection with Sister City/State relationships as well.

For specifics what I would do first is to contact a Japanese Consulate or the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C.. There are divisions that do nothing but help coordinate various exchanges (student, teacher, business, etc) and would have a lot more detailed information than anyone here.
Were Japanese schools in session during the Hiroshima bombing?
Were Japanese schools in session during the Hiroshima bombing? If not, when did the Japanese school year start in that era, 1940s?
Yes the schools were in session. This was a bombing in the rush hour of the morning of the day. There were people at work, play, etc. This was not a situation of a military objective, nor was it a deminstration of the power of the bomb in an empty area. The heat and explosive power burned people to a crisp. Those who did not immediately die were severly injured with burns and radiation poisoning.
What are the classroom divisions in Japanese schools?
In a lot of the anime, I see school rooms labeled 1-A, 2-B, etc all the way to F. Is this equivalent to Wing 1, 2 etc in American schools? Recently I watched an anime series where the students of classroom F were not respected. Does this have some truth to it or is it an exaggeration? Are Japanese students separated into homerooms according to academic levels? Thanks!
The classes are divided like this:
The first number means your year. Year 1, year 2, and year 3. So class 1 - A would means year 1, class A.
The classes are just divided so that there aren't too many students in one class. It's like the homeroom. The class letter doesn't mean anything, and they aren't divided by skill level.
You are divided into your homeroom by which type of course you decided to take. When you first enter Japanese high school, you can choice to take humanities course or science course. Humanities will focus more on English, Japanese, history, and arts (but you still have some math and science classes) and the science course will focus on math, science, and technology (but you still have English, Japanese, history, etc.).
Since the class that you're in always stay together except for special classes like art or PE, you have to be grouped with people who are taking the same course as you.
The skill level doesn't have anything to do with it though, so the anime was just an exaggeration. =)
What are the purposes of shoe lockers in Japanese schools?
In Japanese schools, students are allowed the access of shoe lockers. But while playing Persona 4, I was wondering the point of them...
Students wear indoor-only shoes when they're in the school so they don't track in as much dirt from outside. It's supposed to help keep the place clean. They use the lockers for storing their indoor shoes or their outdoor shoes, whatever they're not wearing at the moment. They also keep their gym sneakers there.

They other day I saw a big group of girls giggling by the shoe lockers. It turns out one of them had found a love letter in her locker! That's another use for them, I guess.
Can someone tell me a few things about Japanese high schools?
I need to know some things about Japanese high schools for a story I'm writing.

First, how much time is spent in school over in Japan, as in what time does the schoolday start and end?

Second, is there a difference between the amount of students in Japanese and American high schools?

Third, how many classes do students have in one day, and what are the elective classes?

Fourth, what is the common dress code in Japanese schools?

If anyone couldl help me out, I'd be grateful.
Ok, I will give you an example.
how much time is spent in school over in Japan, as in what time does the school day start and end?
start: 8:35AM 1unit:50min 4unites in the morning 2unites in the afternoon end: 3pm

is there a difference between the amount of students in Japanese and American high schools?
I have no idea about USA. In Japan around 30 to 40 students

how many classes do students have in one day, and what are the elective classes?
as above. Elective: Social studies: Japanese history, World history, Geography, Politics and economics. Science studies: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth science.

what is the common dress code in Japanese schools
Free or school uniform. www.geocities.jp/baru_online_shop/jkgallery01.htm
it depends on the school.
If Japanese schools aren't good why are so many Japanese really educated and eager to study?
I hear all the time japanese schools aren't as good as western schools. One of my japanese friends has a goal to go to a school in america like harvard because he says the schools in japan are not that great.. I believe the total opposite, i mean there is Tokyo and Kyoto or Sophia University, those are really good...
The hardest part of going to Japanese universities/colleges is to pass their entrance exams.
After they passed, and start to learn at the universities/colleges, the course itself is pretty much easy to move to the next grade actually.
Most of universities/college have this style.
Your friend might feel this system would take his motivation away.
Japanese edcation system is not "bad", but there is lacking in uniformity of learning process. (like "entrance- hard, graduage- way too easy") If a person really wants to "learn", they might consider going to a university in foreign countries because they have high standard to graduate, thus students work harder (than Japanese university students) to graduate from school.
Are hats against dress code in Japanese schools?
I've always wondered this. I know almost all middle and high schools in Japan have dress codes, and I'm sure things such as ribbons, hairpins, and the like are acceptable for girls, but are hats acceptable in Japanese schools that have uniforms? I've watched many a anime, and I've never seen characters wear hats in schools. Is this how it really is?
I don't think anime is THAT accurate to real life, but who knows. Maybe?
What are Japanese Public Junior High Schools like?
Okay this year Im going to Japan. I am Japanese but Ive been going to an inter school in Hong Kong... *China*. Im really scared cuz I am okay at Speaking and real bad at reading and stuff. So I really wanna noe want Japanese Schools are like!
They are tough. I would do some serious practicin on our reading and writing before you go. Once you get the hang of it though, it will ease up and you should be okay.
What do Japanese schools teach regarding WWII?
American schools seem to focus about how terrible we are for the Japanese interment camps, they weren't right but everyone seems to forget about the hell ships, massacres, and other horrible Japanese war crimes. I'm trying to reach out to anyone who has lived and been in an actual school (not on a military base) please enlighten me!
Unsurprisingly, they sometimes play down or even ignore events like the rape of Nanking or the internment camps. It's caused a lot of fuss with the Koreans and Chinese.
Is there a constent schedule in japanese schools?
I wanted to know about classes. Is there a constent schedule in japanese schools? lets take japanese high schools for example. is there a schedule like; first second third period, then lunch then they take the rest of the class. and do they really clean up after school days?
I was fortunate to visit several japanese schools
but I don't remember any Qs about scheduale

but from my obseration I think they had

YES thats true they clean up their schools with great pleasure


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