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Hot hunk or cute boy, which would you prefer?
If you could have a hot hunk of a boyfriend or a cute boy, which would you prefer. His personality is ideal for you in both cases.
I have had both they both where whores . So now that I know what I want I am looking deeper. My problem with both was that everyone else wanted both of them.
Do u think pyar can be possible betwen geeky gal n a hot hunk?
In pyar imposible film they showed that it can be posible between geek and beauty, coz girls think 4m heart,
but is it posible b/n geky gal n hot hunk, i dont think?
Star me. . .
Go zing. . . .
abhir my friend "pyar is possible" betwen geek and gal it is true but there will be no compatibility no match how long will it last
these things r good in films yaar but in reality u shud be as good or i say more good than the girl in terms of all things
Ladies, If I cut your lawn and came in all sweaty, would your treat me as a Gardner or as a Hot Hunk?
If you follow Mother's advice you will be alone your whole life, Guaranteed!
depends. Do you speak spanish and are you hot? lol

hmmmmm I don't know.Most likely i would treat you as someone i'm paying to cut my lawn, and only the lawn in that the house sits on. I'm not into metaphors. I'm personally into either policemen or doctors, myself.........or waitresses ;)
Who is that hot hunk from Prison Break?
And where can I find nice saucy pics of him?
his name is wentworth miller
just search his name in google & google images
I'm a 15 year old boy, and I just want to know how I can look like a hot hunk! An abercrombie and fitch model.?
I wanna look like a hunk, for the ladies ; ]
A&F models do not look like hot hunks. They look like any model you see in a gay porn magazine. They are only hot to other men
How do i kiss this really hot wrestling hunk i just met?
hes a hunk he wrestles and he likes to kiss do i get him to kiss do i kiss????????
im sure he doesnt kiss gorillas
Do u luv a hot hunk and who?
just wondering but do u the chic luv any hot hunks and who!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hubby : )

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