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My wife is hairy and grows hair out of her areolas. Is it mean to tell her to take care of it?
I love her for who she is, but it really bothers me, she doesn't seem to want to take care of it, but I think its kind of gross. Not sure any women would want this and would certainly take care of it for their man. What do you think?
Bro, just tell her...

I mean, c'mon, part of marriage is having the communication thing. I advise you to tell her so that she can take care of that for you and your personal preference. Just remember to take heed of any of her comment or suggestions when she says them to you. She should have every right to, as well.

But, yes, you are completely right. Tell her to pluck them bad boys outta there ASAP. There is just no reason for her to be sportin' them. I mean, it's not like it makes her look more appealing, unless, of course, you're into that sort of thing...which, of course, you wouldn't be asking us about it on Yahoo Answers!
Men, do you let your wife go hairy during the winter?
Do you let your wife stop shaving when it will only be you to see her legs (and of course more intimate areas) during the long pants season?
She can let her hair grow anywhere. She know's that even stubble on the legs is a turn off for me.
Is a wife having a very hairy back & stomach like a cavewoman a turn off to a husband?
I have a very hairy back, stomach, chest, like a cavewoman. My husband says it is disgusting but i am to lazy to shave. Is it really that much of a turn off?

"Hairy like ANIMAL" - line from Austin Powers!

Tell your husband to twirl the hairs on your chest with his tongue... You'll love it!

Add: Who the hell gave me a thumbs down? dummys
Is there any outfit more masculine than a wife beater that shows off your hairy chest?
I like to add a gold chain and pour on the Brut cologne, too. I reek of testosterone!
i think you are a male chavinist pig
Should i buy hairy wife a razor for christmas?
she really looks like a grizzly bear this time of year
How do i get my wife to shave her fuzzy mustache and hairy legs?
She makes a excuse to not do it and makes me out to be the bad it when i bring it up.
tell her straight up hun you need to shave because i really dont like it.
My wife keeps bringing home fat/hairy/ugly men for threesome thursdays... how can i reject them gently?
my wife knows that i'm okay with her bringing guys to bed as long as i'm involved. But recently, she's been bringing home these stinky, greasy, hairy nasty men she picks up from god-knows-where... by the time they get to my house, they're already told that i'm going to be a willing party... how do i tell them to get lost without getting them angry?
Hmm....well perhaps you could clean them up first? You know, a shower, a shave..perhaps a little disinfectant? Then they should be good to go...enjoy and have fun threesoming! No need to thank me, I am here to help.
(Call me if you wanna make it a foursome... 383-34852)
I have a hairy butt crack and my wife says it smells funny.?
I think a dingleberry caused a knot in the hair. What is a good suggestion on how to shave it?
omfg!! this is hilarious!!!!!!!!!! i hope it's a's disgusting.
Hairy armpits but wife shave them very often..........?
I love my wife with hairy armpits.
but she always shave them off.
How do I presuade her to keep them??
eeww, no amount of persuading could convince me to not shave my armpits, it is icky and it makes a women's under arms smell bad.

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