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Why older women above 25 prefer hairy guys and girls dont like it?
I have heard that majority of women like hairy guys but not girls.
It was poplular in 80s and 90s but not now. Why is this.
I think most girls prefer girlish guys and most women prefer mascline hairy men which in my view is much bettter than cute smoothless baby.
Yeah I think hair gives the idea of masculinity....
plus women are usually more mature and don't worry as much about looks, so even if they don't like it compared to a smooth guy, it won't faze them from dating a hairy dude.
Why do old women have hairy lips?
why do some old women have really hairy lips? Do you think they realise it's there and does every woman get this when they get older?
At birth, women are born with all the eggs they will ever need to reproduce and at a certain age women have dropped all those eggs out of their bodies and begin what's known as menopause. After many years of losing estrogen, some women need to take estrogen or testosterone shots to balance things out. Yes, testosterone is a male hormone, but women have it too in very small amounts, the body needs a balance of both. The women who have a hairy upper lips are just facing a side effect of the testosterone and I'm certain they know about it. Once you get a certain age, you really don't care how you look because you're really not trying to impress anyone either you're already married or you've lost your spouse, so looks aren't as important as family.

Not every woman gets this, not every woman will need the shots, but a big majority do, so it just depends.
Why do older white women expect white men to walk around like hairy beasts?
It seems that if you ask a lot of the women in the Gender and Womens Studies or the Beauty and Style sections whether a man should remove his body hair or not, most of them say something to the effect of "NO, DON'T DO IT", these are mostly older women mind you who come from a TOTALLY different culture than us white boys of today, what these older women may not realize is that us white boys are competing against people of other races for our women now, it didn't used to be that way, and that white women of today have developed a preference for smooth skin because non white men often have little body hair and the ones that do, often shave it all off, plus, the porn that women are viewing nowadays usually shows men that have been waxed from the neck down as to remove every trace of body hair, the porn from our mothers day portrayed men as hairy beasts.

So what I'm trying to say is,in order for us white boys to compete in this new reality we find ourselves in, we have to come to the realization that we are no longer the masters of the earth like we once were and that we need to take grooming lessons from people other than ourselves, am I wrong?
I only trim now because, I really think people are starting to like shadow shave
Ever met a man who doesn't mind a hairy woman?
I once saw a documentary about a man who likes hairy women.
But I don't think such men exist nowadays.
One of my friends didn't shave once and her man totally went off her and eventually left her.
I've met some hairy old women whose husbands don't give a damn. It never used to be such a big deal and it isn't in some European countries.

Have you ever met such a man who doesn't mind?
And if you've met one like that, how did he INITIALLY react when he found out exactly how hairy you were?
I had the same problem. If you're very hairy, usually it's because you're Italian, German, Greek etc. Trust me, there ARE men who don't give a damn but if they do, it's usually bc they aren't as hairy and they feel wierd if their gf has more hair than themselves. Take it from someone who is Italian and German, if they can't appreciate your heritage or you...they really aren't worth the trouble.
Is my chest too hairy?(for women 21 and older)?
i asked this before and i only got answers from teenage girlsso this is for women over 21 only.…

i mean, if you saw it, would you find me unattractive or would it not matter that much? be honest.

also, tell me your age because i'd like to know which women are more likely to find it unattractive and which won't have a problem with it.

btw i'm 19
not too hairy, too skinny. sorry. I like bigger boys.
Is it me or do older women seem to like body hair on men but younger women don't?
I'm 18 and very hairy and it seems most girls my age get grossed out at my body hair while I see older women at the beach always touching their husbands chest of hair.
I've never been big on hairy guys. Then again, I like crossdressers, and they don't look good hairy, lol.
Do women enjoy men with hairy chest?
I guess it all comes down to age. I find that many older women actually enjoy men with hairy chest while younger women oppose it. Your answers will be part of my college term paper so answer truthfully. And include your age, origin and a detailed answer as to why or why not you like men with chest hair?
I really think it depends on the man.. Some like Tim Mcgraw look great with chest hair and others who have the younger looking faces don't look so well with chest hair .. it also depends on the woman as well cause if she just doesn't like it then it isn't going to matter who has it she doesn't like it lol i know confusing answer lol sorry
Why do I like hairy women legs, arms bush and some on the breast?
I just love the hairy women and since I am 48 Ilike women 55 to 75 years this ok?
You like your women 100% natural!
Do old women have hairy legs?
The ones that used to shave their legs, and can't shave anymore.
If they used to shave and don't anymore then probably; however my grandmother always had the smoothest, hairless legs, and she never shaved them. In most cases hair growth lessens as you age due to the lack of hormones needed to produce the hair, so while there will still be hair it will be less than a younger persons. Also old people tend to suffer from vascular problems and that decreases hair growth as well.
What would you do if a Massive Fat hairy old woman came up to you in the street and said?
"OOOH come here you little Tinker and give me a kiss"
Id say "OOOH come here Nana lets a right good snog Ooooh you little Tinker you!"

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