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Is there such a thing as Gay twins?
I'm just wondering.. Say twins are born do only one of them turn out Gay or both?
Well coming from a twin myself I am gay and well my brother is straight haha as we get along but total opposites he does football and I do acting. But dont get me wrong I like sports as well for we get each other into different things as it just happens that way. By things I mean common interests like tv shows, sports and activities. Since we live together and all. But not all twins turn out gay as it varies from one twin to another. But they do say one twin is out to be gay out of the two. But yes there is just a thing as gay twins, although I have never met a pair that were both gay but I do know some that are like me one straight and the other gay/bi etc.
If one of the identical twins is gay, what is the chance of the other being gay too?
If anybody knows any relevant research that has been done.
I'd like to know percentage of the other twins being gay (in case when one is gay) and the overall percentage of gay population.

Thx in advance :)
I think to remember it's 50% not sure though. It's higher in any case than normal. But if you say it has to do with a bad father-son relationship in some cases, it does not necessarily indicate that it's genetical.
I read it in a German book, a good one but it hasn't been translated to English :-(

Edit: It's a really big topic. There are several theories. One is about prenatal homons, one about genes and one about education / upbringing.
There are also differences ┬┤between girls / boys!
You should really find a good book about it. There have been many researches made. I can give you the title of the German book but probably it doesn't help you much. I'm sure there's something in English as well. It's so interesting.
In those states in which gay marriage is legal, can gay twins marry?
Since there's no chance of inbreeding, why not?
Personally i don't care who wants to marry who. As long as it's not effecting me in any direct way and it's all consensual i see no reason why gay twins shouldn't be able to marry. Even if i do find it to be a bit odd.
Gay identical twins in real life?
I've been watching this show on bbc called skins. In it there are two identical twin sisters. One of them is gay and the other is straight. It got me thinking does this happen in real life? I would think that identical twins are so similar in biology (and i believe that homosexuality is biological as opposed to choice) that they would both have the same sexuality. Can anyone give me more info on this?
One identical twin has a higher percentage of being gay (50%) if the other is, but it doesn't always work out they both are.
If being gay isn't a choice then are there gay twins?
Because I was watching a video and identical twins where talking but only one of them was gay but if they came from the sperm or whatever doesn't that mean they both would be genetically gay.
There are plenty of cases where one twin is gay and the other is not. I am a twin and I was born with transsexualism (I was born with male genitalia but a female gender identity) and my twin sister is a cisgendered woman.
When considering identical twins, are both either gay or straight?
Is it possible for one identical twin to be straight and the other to be gay? I presume that it is an all or nothing kinda deal, because whatever causes homosexuality (whether it be hormone levels during pregnancy, genetics, or something else) it seems it would be the same between the two twins, so I don't see how each could have a different sexuality.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I was just curious.
An answer based on the outcomes of scientific studies:

Yes, there are many documented cases of monozygotic ("identical") twins, where one is gay and the other straight.

Rather tends to refute the genetic origin of homosexuality, doesn't it?
Male gay couple with twins via surrogate. Can each guy have a different father?
If a male couple had twins via a surrogate, or say a woman had twins through two sperm donors. Can each guy have a different father? Just wondering! I'm thinking they could because whichever embryo sticks to the uterus grows. So if the embryos came from two different men, two different guys may have two different fathers. Am I right?
Fraternal twins can have two different fathers, if there was sperm from two different men available at the time of ovulation.

"whichever embryo sticks to the uterus grows. So if the embryos came from two different men"

Um. Huh? Sweetie, men don't make embryos. Just sperm. Embryos are made from one egg cell and one sperm cell.
I was wondering: Can twins or multiples have different sexuality (one is gay, the others not)?
Can it be that one guy of a twin or multiples is gay and the other(s) straight or transgender?
Yes, it can happen.

But the chances of both twins being the same sexuality is higher than the two having different orientations. You're more likely to see two straight twins /or/ two gay twins than you will see one twin that is gay and one twin that is straight/transgender.

This is why geneticists and biologists think there is a physical/hormonal/genetic component to sexuality in our DNA.
How are people born gay when identical twins disprove such a notion?
Meaning, if one twin is gay, the chances of the other twin being gay is never 100%. If your born with it and its all in your genes, should not the other twin always be gay?
There are two different kinds of twins... fraternal and identical. Studies done of identical twins separated at birth and raised by different families show that the identical twins are much more likely to be the same orientation as one another (gay) than individual siblings born of the same mother who were raised by two different families.

This makes sense because identical twins are born of the same egg and sperm. If the egg hadn't split into two entities then only one guy would have been born. On the other hand fraternal twins are born of two different eggs and two different sperm. They just happen to be in the womb at the same time.

So the studies findings demonstrate that the majority of "gayness" is biologically based. Similar studies done about things such as breast cancer show the same thing... That identical twins raised by different families tend to both have breast cancer more often than non-identical siblings who are separated at birth. We all seem to accept breast cancer's biological basis, even though not 100% of identical twin females develop it. We've even identified the gene responsible for most hereditary breast cancers. But not everyone with the gene gets it even if they're identical because other biological factors can act on the body in such a way that the gene does not express itself.

All of what I just said is a very simple way of reviewing the research. If you'd like more in-depth answers please go ahead and do some research on your own about genetics and heredity. Not about homosexuality at first, but about other things such as breast cancer or whatever. This way it's about a topic that you don't feel so strongly about so you can have an unbiased mind when reading. Then take that knowledge and apply it to homosexuality and you will see that the similarities between the research on identical twins and other genetic stuff is very similar to the findings of studies on identical twins and homosexuality.

Edit in response to additional comments.

I am a professional in the mental health field. I have just as many qualifications as the people on that narth website that you mention. Most of the diagnoses that were ever in the DSM were blamed on parental relationships or lack thereof at first. Can you believe that the mental health field originally thought autism was brought about by "refrigerator mothers?" Sounds silly now, since we've done more research on it, doesn't it? The mental health field is a social science. As a science it is constantly evolving to take into account new information. Although the mental health field once thought that homosexuality was a mental illness brought on by inadequate family relatinships this is no longer the consensus. This is because we've done more research. I again encourage you to read twin studies on this. You will notice that there is a strong genetic link when it comes to homosexuality. But just like with other things that are genetically based, such as cancer, learning disabilities, and the like, it is not always expressed in siblings due to individual differences that determine whether the gene is expressed or not.

If you had done the research on your own you would have already known that there is no 100% correlation for any complex trait that is genetic. There are high correlations, but nothing that is 100%. If you had done the research you would have known about statistical significance and you would have realized that the results of the twin studies are statistically significant, meaning that the outcome of the study could not be explained by chance.

When I mean doing the research, I mean going to an academic library or paying to be a user of an online academic library and actually doing a literature review. I do not mean picking up the latest issue of Times magazine. It is obvious by the way you worded your question and your additional responses that you have never done a literature review in your life. You depend on articles in popular media and other people's interpretation of the research. Again, go do your own research and become informed through the original studies before trying this question again.
Is it true that one of the Kray twins is gay?
The gangsters in the 1960s that are in prison now.

I watched the film "The Krays" and in that one of them had a boyfriend. I forget whether it was Reg or Ron who was the gay one. In films you don't know what to believe as fact though.

If he was I bet nobody ever gave him any hassle over it for fear of getting their head blown off. I bet the homophobes kept their mouths shut when they saw him in the street.
Man I forgot about them! They were quite the notorious pair in London's heyday. I think it was Ronnie who was supposedly gay. Being twins, both had the tendency to play the other, is wasn't really known for sure which really was. but much of the talk was about Ronnie being the one. He is dead now, but Reggie was released back in 2000 (?) and died shortly after. I kinda remember the movie, "The Krays."

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