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All Comments

Why arent men grossed out when they see a fat chick naked?
I know I would be if I saw a fat dude naked. I would probably throw up on the spot.
I agree with you 100%. I get queasy when I think of 2 fat (or old, wrinkly) people going at it. I don't know how they don't throw up.
So i need some help... i mass forwarded a text of this fat chick naked and she's calling the cops?
this nasty chick sent a pic of herself naked to my boyfriend
he sent it to me.
i mass forwarded it
she's calling the cops
what happens now...
is that illegal??
My advice:

Grow up.
There are quite a few things you could be charged with.
My 15 year old friend won't admit to looking at naked fat girls even though I found it on his computer?
Ok, so here's the thing. I was looking through my friend's history on his computer (because the history tab opened automatically when I started Firefox), and I noticed a bbw forum and a picture of a naked fat chick from www.bigcutties.com. Now, since my friend is fat, I can see why he would look at this. But in 2 years of knowing him, would never never admit to watching porn ever, even though he is 15 (and still keeps on denying to this day), and he always says it's super disgusting and he's not interested in that. So, when I brought up what I found in the conversation, he started to yell and deny and say it's gross and that he never uses firefox and that they automatically opened because they are viruses and he downloads alot of **** so he got a virus and "now I'm pissed off cause I have a virus on my computer!". He then started a virus scan and when I said I didn't believe him he pushed me and called me an asshole and then when we went to see the history with him, he didn't scroll to the place where the "porn" was and just deleted the history and unplugged his computer and didn't let me use it. He looked very nervous during all of this and it really looked that he cared what I thought and he really wanted to convince me and he never looked at that. Honestly this is the kind of thing that I would do if I was caught with that, all his body language and actions really made me think that he was hiding something. What do you guys think? Btw had to lie and say that I believed him for him to let me use his computer again.
I think that no matter who he is it's none of your business what he's looking at, even if he was looking at porn. it wasn't right for you to accuse him. either way, it could or could not have been true. he's a fifteen year old for crying out loud. there's nothing wrong with him being curious about certain things, but the way you went about the situation was wrong. and you weren't the right person to tell him what you said either. i say you just forget about it. if he was looking at porn he probably still will no matter what you say. it could've just been a virus too. just deal with the fact that he's a teenage boy and it's normal.
Why do some people have sex with fat chicks?
I tried to do it one time but the feel of the blubber and the sight of her naked killed my erection. How can some people screw a girl that could be 5'4" and weigh 165 or more? I don't need society to tell me its unattractive, my instinct tells me it is. And no i dont like skinny girls either. If you think this is shallow you are probably fat.
I believe that guys really do it with fat chicks because they can't get anyone else to do them. Either that or the guy is just a sick person. That's just my opinion though. See some fat chicks can't get any either so they just take what they can get. My advise to you would be to not ruin it for your self. If you just wait then eventually the right person will come along and you will want to do that person and you will.

P.S. I'm a girl and lots of people I know agree with me.
Do you think this is wierd? ( father and son)?
My bf always gets gross texs from his dad. Like p***y pics or girls sticking this up there. Or just wierd sex stuff like fat naked chicks or a p***y that looks like a burger or a fish.
Is this what guys do? My mom doesn't send me pics of naked guys? I know guys r different but I feel wierd when I see all these gross pics on his phone. But he says sorry my dad sent it to me. And if it's not his dad it's his uncle.
Anybody share these things with their dad and do u think it's wierd?
I have never heard of stuff like that before.

I think it is weird.

Am I weird if I like this kind of stuff? ?

It all started 5 months ago when I saw a fat naked chick on the web, I never was into things like this but now I'm crazy for it? People call me weird now :(
theres nothing wrong with it,and your are fine. dont worry about it
Why is it illegal to be nude?
Thats soooo retarded. Humans won't even alow each other to walk around with no clothes. I wouldn't care I have a nice bod, why would somebody make a law like this. It's not protecting, or saving lives its just making people wear stuff over there body in public. It makes more sense to have a law that you have to wear shoes because of sharp objects but this law is totally useless.

Also I'm not saying that I want to see some old women naked or some really fat chick. I'm just saying this law makes no sense
Because nudity is a SIN against God. If God wanted us to walk around nude we would have been born that way. Oh, huh, uh, oh, never mind.
Am I in the wrong here? Does she have a case?
A couple of months ago, I uploaded a picture of a homer Simpson look alike to Facebook. It was of a naked fat chick whose stomach and breasts made her look like homer. My mom sent it to me. I didn't do anything with it, just put it in my photo album thingy. My cousins mother, he's 12, turning 13, the cousin, not his mom, somehow saw this picture and blames me. She is thinking if taking me to court for it. I'm 15 btw. My thinking is that she doesn't have a case. she and I have had No contact for at least 12 years. She asked me to stop sending her sob emails with inappropriate pictures attached a couple of years ago. The pictures in question were of a twenty odd year old girl having skin carved out if her back to make art. 5 pictures for the entire process. From my understanding, she has no case as she has not asked me to stop sending him sexual related pictures. Am I right? Does she have a case?
Thanks in advance for anyone who answers this. Btw, I live in Australia, if that helps at all. I also plan on becoming a lawyer, so I'm seeing this as a practical thing. Any criticism would be appreciated.
for the record, he is not an innocent guy. i know for a fact that he watches porn. the homer look alike picture didn't show the female genitals, no very, very softcore, especially when you take into consideration what he has already seen. i have not sent him any pornographic pictures at all.
no one in my famile has talked to her for years as she divorced my uncle 12 years ago. he and my cousin are the only people in my family who talk to her. the back carving picture had no nudity, unless you count a pulled up shirt on the girls back sexual.
thanks in advance
uhm...im confused, did you send the picture to you cousin, or did you put it on your FB? first you say face book, then you talk about sending him the picture. And if he is 12, why would she even *need* to ask you to not send him "sexual related pictures", what kind of pervert are you?

Who cares what he does, that doesnt mean you need to send him more stuff.

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