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How are people caught peeing in public?
I read in the newspaper that there are people who are caught and charged with "public urination."

I was just wondering, how are these people caught with peeing in public? Are they peeing in public when cops are around, or are they blatantly peeing on the store's floor and getting reported or what?

How exactly are they caught peeing in public?
i live in chicago
where the white sox play, playing are drinking lots of beer then walking in the neighborhood and just peeing on peoples lawns.the home owners notice this and contact policeā™„
Have you ever got caught peeing or taking a dump outside somewhere?
Hi all! Have you ever got caught peeing or taking a dump outside somewhere? Is it legal or illegal to do this here in the US in all states or in some states and in some US territories? Would you ever pee or take a dump outside somewhere if you couldn't hold it anymore and really had to do go? Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks!
I got caught peeing in the woods just last month. I was riding my ATV in the woods and had to go. I was by myself and there were no houses around and I was on private property, so I figured what the heck. I got off the ATV, stood beside it, unzipped and went for it. I started hearing a diesel engine sound and thought, "That sounds like a bus", but there were no roads around so I figured I was hearing something far off. Then a school bus appears to my right and goes right in front of me like 20 feet away. I was sort of stunned and shocked (and peeing) so I didn't turn around or anything and as it went by I heard some guys screaming "wooooooo". After it went by and I was finished peeing I walked toward where the bus went by and saw a little dirt road that I couldn't see from where I was peeing.
So, if any of you people on here were on that bus, I'm sorry for flashing you, it was an accident.
Should I leave my girlfriend if I caught her peeing?
We live together and she didn't lock the bathroom door and when I went in I caught her peeing. Should I leave her? I can't look at her the same way.
Yes leave her and go out and find a girl who doesnt pee. Keep looking until you find one even if it takes you all your life.
I caught my husband peeing and now I feel embarrassed, what should I do?
My husband sometimes forgets to lock the bathroom and it's very annoying. The other day I thought the bathroom was free but it wasn't so I walked in and caught him peeing. I screamed and ran out of the apartment, it was gross and he should have locked the door. I have barely spoken or been able to look him in the eye. What should I do?
you shouldn't be embarrassed.
i mean, take the other day for me, for example. i was about to get in the shower and my boyfriend walks into the bathroom, slaps my naked bum and goes to the toilet. i dont mind at all.

but if you feel this way you should tell him to make sure he locks the door.

it might have been a bit different if you caught him sitting down, so to speak...
Have you ever been caught peeing outside?
I was like 6 years old and peed behind a truck. Hehe the stream went about 8 feet above my head!
Hi Kim,
Sorry to say,Yes I was 16 at the time and I had to go pee soooo badly..I got behind My car at the time,and a farmer came behind the back road and caught Me with My pants down..I think I swallow My Heart,when I saw him..I was soooo embarrassed!!!
What would you do if you were caught peeing in public?
I would NEVER pee in a public place, public restroom yes, but never in public, that is disgusting.
If you get caught peeing in public, will you be registered as a sex offender?
Is this true? My friend told me about this, and I wasn't sure if it was true. I don't want to be a registered sex offender if I ever get caught peeing in the public while drunk... lol I live in CA btw... lol
No, it is not true. Public urination is not indecent exposure, because there is no lewd intent. In fact, there is no specific law against it, but it can be charged as creating a public nuisance.
My dog caught me peeing 6 hours back. i feel this is unacceptable behavior?
I was peeing 6 hours back, but did not lock the door. My dog hit the door with his paw and entered the bathroom even though I was in the middle of peeing. I told him "out out" but he did not get it.

He then came near me and saw my privates.I don't think my dog will forget this episode and that's why I am so disturbed by this.

How to let him know that this is unacceptable behavior and that he should not repeat such behavior?
I hope this is a troll. I really do.

My dogs often follow me into the bathroom, and I honestly couldn't care less. Dogs don't know that humans think of the bathroom as a private place, and believe me, he didn't care that he saw your "privates," only you care, for some odd reason. You're making the situation into something it's not.

Next time, just lock the door if you don't like it.
Anyone ever got caught peeing outside or in public? What was their reaction and what did you do?
Only times it happend to me was at a party and concert and the people their understood so no one cared.....there was another time where I really had to pee and was about to go in a bush...zipper was down where a cop flashed his light at me...fortunetly my back was to him, and he was searching for some other trouble maker so i just quickly zipped up and left and had to hold it for another time.
one time i went with my cuzin to check on his cornfield. He's a parapalegic and couldn't get out of the truck so I went to check on the plants, etc. Well it's right next to the train tracks, and I needed to go BAD! So there I go, squat down and start to do my business, and next thing you know I'm mooning two engineers coming down the tracks. They blew their whistle. I was mortified. I don't know how on earth i didn't hear that train a'comin. EMBARRASSING!!!! My brother got caught once peeing in an alley and they charged him with indecent exposure. It's on there forever.
What Would You Do If You Caught Someone Peeing In Your Gas Tank?
i would sneak up on them and slam the little door on them.
i would whip out my friend and make it rain on them hoes... Pull out my knife and yeah lets just leave at i make it rain

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