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Is the key to booty bouncing in your hips or in your thighs?
I can't make my *** move fast, I have a big ***, it just won't bounce.
LOL its in your thighs i have a big booty too.
just stand up
relax all your muscles
and squeeze your thighS together
like TIGHT and RELEASE just try to get the
vibe for it and try to go faster
and move around with it like bending over and stuff

hopes this helps
What song is this? The lyrics go something like... Bounce dat ***, bounce bounce dat ***. shake it, shak?
I heard this song just once and loved it...but I never found out what it was called or who does it. Help!

The lyrics so something like...
Bounce dat ***, bounce bounce dat ***...(repeated like 20 times) shake it, shake it don't stop

I know it isn't lil Jon...n I'm pretty sure it isn't chingy
It's called "body bounce" by akon.
Yea, of course it's not lil' jon, that guy screams in every friggin song, you can tell when it's him
Does anyone know that song that goes 'it dont matter if you cant dance just make that *** bounce'?
its an electro song
Search it on Google =]
Ok im tall and somewhat skinny and can bounce my *** but i need to make it better how do i?
i learn from rap videos but i want to make it better
Keep practicing. Practice makes perfect.
When i am dreaming say i fall off a cliff,and then i wake up an my bed is bouncing?
falling off a cliff and hitting the ground in a dream smart asses.
why?did i have like a seizure or something?
i think your brother is playing a trick on you and bouncing your bed.
What would you do if ur boyfriend hit u in the *** with a ball?
he hit me in my *** with a ball. But he didnt mean it cz he meant to hit sum1 else but it bounced off the guy and it hit me in the ***. Shud i get mad at him? or shud i 4give him???? He said im sorry princess!!! so what shud i du????
Let it slide. As you said, it was a mistake and he did apologise. It was probably quite funny for anyone who saw it.

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