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Do you believe it should be illegal to be black and better at baseball than Babe Ruth?
Barry Bonds was found guilty of being black and better at baseball than Babe Ruth yesterday. Do you think this is a fair law and do you think people should be arrested for this when there are many worse crimes going on?
No, but Bonds was convicted of obstruction and is a liar and a cheat. His HR/at bat is dwarfed by Ruth, so he is not better at baseball. He is better at cheating.
An investigation was published years ago that Babe Ruth had Black genes. Whatever happened to that story?
I believe it was ESPN who reported that the early ancestors of Babe Ruth gave birth to a half black and half white guy. Early family members (Great or Great Great Grandparents) had black slaves and servants and some where and at some time the white master had a baby with one of the black slaves or servants. It's pretty obvious if you look at photos of Babe Ruth that he does have black features like his lips and nose. A perfect example is a photo of the Babe and his early baseball teammates, in the Timeline section on the Babe Ruth Museum website. So I want to know whatever happened to this story? I'm a HUGE fan of the Babe and I would like to know more.
I haven't heard that story. But what does it matter. We probably all have black genes somewhere.
Should it be illegal for a black person to be better at baseball than Babe Ruth?
Yesterday a jury in California ruled that it should be. Where do you stand on this issue?
That jury is just a racist Republican.

What's a matter? Was that jury late for his weekly KKK meeting and they made him pay for the rifles this time?

Edit: Glad to see every answer I rated down is hidden due to lower ratings. I love the power of being about to control the ratings.
If your a japenese babe r black guys attractive or any other race?
im a black guy mixed with cuban and im going to japan i might want to date a japanese girl
aww That will be cute i think its perfect !! Well am black mixed asian Too & i want to do the same but from philipins =')
Will yesterday's court ruling, that it is illegal to be black and better than Babe Ruth, hurt baseball?
Will African-American interest in baseball be further hurt by yesterday's ruling?
youre dumb if you think him being black had anything to do with it. ever heard of another high-profile player in court for perjury named roger clemens?! <------ yeah, he's white

& no it wont hurt baseball, he lied in court, he must face the consequences like any other person in that position should
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What does it matter if he's black or not? Haha. Wow.
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