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How to select micro bikini for big boobs?
I m having big boobs and butts.My fiance wants me to wear micro bikini at first night.How to select micro bikini for me?Whether micro bikini can support big boobs?Whether boobs will become saggy if I use that?
Best bet is Expect extremely tiny suits and don't worry about support.
What is the difrence between a brazilian or micro bikini?
i have a couple micro bikini's but like the brazilians also.
Here are brazilian mini bikinis (I chose mini because it seemed to give the fairest comparison to a regular micro)…
And these are a regular micro bikini…
It's fairly easy to spot the differences.

Email me if you want to talk swimsuits! I love it!!
Is there any rule in beach for the girls about their micro bikini?
is there any beach in world where micro or string bikini is prohibited..? if it is not, then, why girls in different beaches are maintaining a dress code.?
some beaches allow it others don't. my rule, if not overly crowded go for it. if others have thongs go for it.
GUYS - Would you have a problem with ur girl wearing a micro bikini?
I mean on a really tropical hot beach. Uve been together for ages and totally love each other. (A micro bikini is teeny tiny - a g string and teeny top thats just bits of string really)
My gf wears transparent micro and I love it.
I love it more even without the bikini on the beaches where nude is accepted.
Have you ever worn a micro bikini on the beach?
If so, do you have a link to the bikini you can provide? Looking for new ones.
yes, i have. srry. i dont know the site i found it on. ='(
Would you let your teen daughter wear a micro bikini in the hot tub? just with her friends?
my daddy won't let me. kinda angry! I don't wanna wear a one piece. I wanna wear the skimpy little micro, because all my friends will be wearing them. I don't want to feel left out. I already bought it. would be a waste of money not to wear it.
Well, first off all, I know that this seems like the biggest deal in your life right now. I don't mean to sound patronizing, because I'm a 15 year old girl, so I of all people get it.

But try and see this from your dads point of view. Its hard to see his daughter growing up and wanting to wear such things. It is just your friends, but maybe he just can't handle it right now? If I were your dad I probably wouldn't let my daughter wear a micro bikini. Seriously, can you try a regular one? He might allow it. Or just the top and some short board shorts?Or try to rationalize or bargain with your father. ☺ Anyway. Once this has passed, I guarantee both you and your friends will forget all about it. There will be other times, I promise.

Good luck, hope I helped! ♥
Have you worn a micro bikini before?
ok i know there's girls out there. so have you worn a micro bikini before? and where can i get one. and is it much different from a regular bikini?
Go on Google Images.
SHOULD I WEAR A MICRO BIKINI or a see thru one?
I have the perfect body for a girl i am tall and i am not fat. I think my breast size is ok. Can wear a micro bikini to let people see my beauty or not?? Write a lot please so i can decide what to wear
i think the micro bikini would look awesome on a tall girl like you just becareful there's allot of purvs out there so take some friends with you were ever your going!! if your as Beautiful as you say you are then show the you're Natural beauty :-)
Can a 12 year old girl wear a micro bikini?
I already asked about a normal one but I don't know about these. I used to live in europe and there boys and girls and everyone just walked around nude so are they okay?
If you are going swimming or to the beach, sun bathing or tanning, I have no problem with it at all. I have seen them, and yes, you would be practically nude, but probably legal. bring a towel, and a cover up just in case.

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