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10 minute writing Challenge: The Dreaded Soap Opera Love Polygon!?
The focus here is not on the quality of the writing (you only have 10 minutes!), but on how zany your ideas are. I want to have amateur and non-fiction writers to be able to participate in this as well, so it won't be a judge on the "beauty" of your writing.

Rules about plot? What rules? It's a soap opera, anything and everything is possible! Evil twins back from the dead that are actually clones, lovers that turn out to be transvestites, the perfect hubby that turns out to be the man who raped you in the past, FEEL FREE TO GO CRAZY!

Some very general suggestions (you can ignore these if you already have your own ideas) in case you're uncomfortable with the openness. I'll make this a mix of Asian and Western soap opera happenings:

-the "super hard core" CEO who was a past lover/accidental lover
-unplanned pregnancy when someone is already with another person (gasp!)
-the mysterious disease that either makes one lover go into a coma or causes them to have cancer
-the ugly duckling that turns into a beautiful swan
-a girl who cross-dresses to get into a super exclusive male school
-brothers and sisters who switch places

Ready? Go!
He watched her enter the office with his jaw clenched and eyes hard. How could she? How could she sleep with some other man? How could she get pregnant by some other man? That baby should have been his- would have been his, if he hadn't thrown it all away. And now the father had cancer, so he couldn't even kick that jerk's a** and take her back.

F***! Life was so f***ing frustrating sometimes.

Don't look don't look don't look don't look. CRAP! She looked. Did he see? What was he thinking? Why did he look so mad? HE dumped HER! For some old high school classmate who got a makeover. On second thought, f*** him. Except- why couldn't he have just loved her? Then this baby would be his and not the-terminally-ill-jerk-who-cannot-be-du…

F***. Life is so f***ing complicated sometimes.
Makeup artists ? (amateurs or pros) Need some Transformation tips...?
I am a transvestite....
Love to dress up and doll-up...

Yet, I would love to develop more elaborate makeups, not just to pass but also to express some excitement...

I have some feature to work with appart from the obvious beard line.
Around the eyes... The forehead I manage with a hat or the hair of my wigs...

Girls or TVs or Makeup artists... could you share some simple tricks ?
DONT DONT DONT put nail varnish remover, purfume, aftershave or any other products like these on your skin they are really damaging in the long run they are full of chemicals and are not suitible for the delicate skin on your face.

They do work and do get rid of spots because they kill the cells in your skin therefore no spots can come. The chemicals in them BURN your skin please dont do this!!

I have found that natural products do work i use botanics products, they are all natural! i suffered from acne and now just suffer from small pimples i know it isnt perfect but im still looking for a solution to rid me of any type of spots forever!

Thanks for the advice you have all given me and i hope this helps!

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