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Would you watch YouTube videos of book reviews?
Hello world :)
I'm thinking of making a YouTube channel (with my mom's permission of course) and doing Young Adult book reviews... the good, the bad, and the funny.
Would you watch it if you came across such a channel? Thanks for your time :)
Yeah, totally. As long as you're fair.

Some people say Harry Potter is bad, but those people probably don't have the focus to read through it all teh way. If you're that kind of person, probably not.
But if you're funny, fair and nice to all books(even the ones that flat out suuck), then yeah. I'd probably watch it!

Post the link to the show, though!
What is the name of this adult star?
My girlfriend and I were watching a show called rated A for adult and there was a story about this porn star who reviews porn videos while she masturbates. She is blonde and I think her name started with a T. I can't remember her name though. Thanks for the help.
Is it really a porno? Any other details like when it was made or is it new.
Space Camp for ADULTS? Any reviews?
What is it like for adults? Does the adult program use the same equipment as the guys? I think of myself as a pretty serious person and I was considering space camp to get a detailed experience.

I'm 21 but videos like this:…

with the guydie theme seriously turns me off. I see they have a bunch of "rides" like the M.I.T. (… which are interesting, but then clips like this:…

makes it look boring..

I am looking for a more mature atmosphere and experience. Like do they simulate the[b] daily[/b] tasks of the shuttle crew? I see there is some sort of computer simulation and charting in the video but do they require real teamwork or is it just goofing off and/or mashing random buttons?

Do you guys think space camp will be right for me if I am expecting a more serious tone than in that video? I understand it has to appeal to everyone like the casual Jonas Brothers fans however I have not seen anything on the adult program. Maybe I am just better off volunteering or getting a internship at a actual NASA location? I was going to do that anyway but hoping space camp would be interesting also. I just don't want it to be too basic or be stuck with adults goofing off all the time.

If any adults have any RECENT feedback please post it here thanks!
I believe that the purpose of space camp is to excite the guys and teens towards a life of science and space. I don't think it was ever really designed for adults, because adults already have their school and life planned or started. You might want to try contacting them to see if they might have an adult program or possibly an adult mentoring program.

Another option might be to see about a job with Virgin Galactic co. That is the company owned by Sir Richard Branson who is building a fleet of near-space anti gravity craft for the public use. I think that would be a good carreer choice too.
I want to do video blogging on youtube, but theres a few things stopping me...?
There are 2 things... The first, is my insecurity... Ok so, I have the teeth of a 10 year old. I only have one of my front teeth. My other has to be pulled down by an orthodontist. I recently got braces. They have to straighten out my teeth before they do it. So right now, I have one adult front tooth. And the other isn't even there. I know that there are some mean people on youtube, and I don't know if I can take being made fun of. When I talk, its noticeable.
The second reason is my age. Im 13. I mean, I have seen tons of girls my age on youtube. But I don't know. I want to blog about hair. I want to do hair and makeup tutorials. I want to do reviews on products I have. I even want to make funny random videos because I am a funny person. And videos of me dancing with my friends too. :) That's what I mean by blogging. But I need help. Give me some advice about those two things that i'm worried about? Should I do it... Or should I wait till im like 15 and my teeth are fixed??? Thanks. :) <3
ok lol well i had kinda the same problem cause even though im the best guitarists in my school (high school
) well i don't really think im that great cause im a perfectionist lol and so i found that theres two ways you can do this . one is you can disable commenting for any given videos of yours which will help not hearing from ppl that are mean . orrrr you can also just use it constructively . ppls opinions will Always be ppls opinions just do what you want and have fun with it . absorb the constructive criticisms and use the mean ppls to build youre character :) youll find you have a stronger character when you choose to ignore them. i chose the second one and it works great :) dont let it bother you that ppl will laugh at you :) hope that helps
Help with Game Reviews?
I am in a writing class about Video Games. I have to write a review about this game "ute: a game for adults".

my professor told us we had to have an argument, but i'm not sure exactly what i'm arguing.

Topics I'm covering are:
intro- i open up about the perception of sex
Points i'd like to make throughout the essay: point of the game, why you must adapt to each partner's kinks, why not, getting a highscore and the outlook on marriage in the end, and then my opinion on the game being to sexually out there.

A little help would be very much appreciated.
The best thing to do to be a good reviewer, is give your personal opinion a lot. People do not care what the general statistics of the game are, people care what YOU, the buyer, thinks of the game.

Be real and be honest.

I would know, I'm in the top 100 for contributers to
Is this a good video for a Youth Group?
Our Youth Group made a video to enter in the 2008 Revolution Film Festivel and I would like to know you're oppinion on it. It is a video about 4 guys who are going through everyday pressures that teens face. And the comic twist is that as these people in interesting clothing that you adult folk will recognize haha but as these people get stronger the people in the real world also get spiritually stronger.

When you review this movie please keep the harassing away because this movie was made by a group of 15 year olds... and it won the film festivel by the way and our pastor wants to see it used around the country for fun and a message.

(This is on a site called which is a christian website. I couldnt put it on Youtube :( because the movie is 9:58 and the limit is 10 minutes and when it uploads it becomes 11:47 and gets rejected for too much length... if anyone knows how to fix this please give me some tips so I can put it on YouTube also :) )…
Yes, if this is a good video for a group of youths.
Building a case that could save my daughter..?
I know this is long, but I feel the facts must be stated to fully understand.


I sent my daughter for a scheduled summer vacation with dad in June, from CA to IL. He never returned her. I had permission to remove her from IL back in '06. I received no notice from him, but found out on my own that he filed for and gained temp custody claiming I am unlocatable. I have tons of proof that we were in communication (i.e. emails & phone logs for both my and my daughter's cell) and that I was stable.

I was in the dark about a lot of the facts because I was in CA, he didn't give me any info because he had to back up his lies and make it appear as though I was in an undisclosed location.

So I quit my job and went to IL to try to resolve this. This might've been the plan because now I'm not looking so stable. I still have my home in CA, but I'm unemployed and our health and dental insurance is gone.

In the email I have from September, I am asking for copies of whatever he filed, he responds "there's nothing else to be said but an address." I respond giving my fax AND home/mailing address, but never received anything and upon reviewing our case file there's no proof of notice.

Over the yrs my daughter has made statements to me, family and teachers that she is afraid of her dad and doesn't like visiting him. I have received written statements from teachers. I also have several police reports of domestic violence from our relationship, when my little girl was still a baby. My son, who is older recalls much more and has been bothered by this whole situation fearing for his sister's well-being. He wants to speak out in court. He confided in me some things she told him about being at her dads. She said he brings in "bricks" (her words) of marijuana and keeps it in a drawer, she was once forced to watch an adult video by her step sisters, and she gets hit by him, his wife, their guys, and his mother. What's difficult is she just blurts these things out to me and others at random times, months after they happen so I'm in shock and unsure how to handle the situations. But now I just want to put an end to all of this chaos and be able to raise my daughter without him for good. I know I can be poorly judged in here for all this, but I assure you I was trying everything in my power to be fair and not let his actions towards me interfere with their relationship. He really made no effort to spend time with her when I lived in IL, it caused a great deal of issues for her in the beginning.

I am done with being nice and trying to do what's right when it's obviously only leading to wrong. EVERY summer she spends with him, something terrible happens. She nearly got her finger severed by a younger sibling holding a knife while her dad fell asleep instead of supervising them, he rushed her to the ER, charged my insurance but never told me. I found out when I picked her up and saw stitches on her finger. She's been struck by her dad with a toilet seat on the back of the head for peeing on herself, which has traumatized her. She STILL has issues with urinating, but I don't make it an issue because she gets stressed and then her eczema breaks out. We began working with a behavioral specialist just a month before she went with her dad. Right now it seems she's being turned against me, and she hardly gets to call me. Her cell phone was taken away, so she can't even call me for help.

I want to press charges, I want his criminal history taken into consideration and shouldn't he be held in contempt for lying about this situation? I'm tired of the IL court system pretending to do what's best for the guy when they're always doing everything BUT! They forced us into joint custody even after he begged the judge to revoke his rights, thinking he'd get out of his guy support obligations. The judge ignored that! They told me if we can't come up with a visitation schedule together, then the judge would. I am here in IL trying to wrap all this up so I can go back home with my little girl and never have to deal with this again. How can I get CA to take jurisdiction of this case? I have NO lawyer, nor can I afford one and no pro bono lawyer would help me. I am getting free legal advice on how to do this on my own, but that is it.

If anyone has ANY suggestions and/or advice that might be useful with my case, I would be most appreciative. I also need an attorney, but I'm sure that's a stretch.. but what do I have to lose!

Right now I have to work on my notice of motion and petition to vacate his orders. I'd also like to make sure his parental rights are revoked, I do not care for guy support at all. I just want to raise my little girl and keep her safe, like I was trying to do for yrs.

Thank you all for your time and thoughts.
Who has primary custody? If you do, then go to court and file contempt papers on him, that will get him into court in front of a judge. Be prepared to explain why it took 6 months to do it. Judges don't like to move guys around, so the longer she stays with him, the more likely the judge will have her stay there. Also, age of the guy is a factor, you didn't state her age.

EDIT: Generally, jurisdiction remains in the original state, unless BOTH parties move from the original state, then it can be transfered to the state where the guys reside. It sounds like you really need an attorney on this one.
Can anyone help me get this creepy song out of my head?
I keep on singing that twisted little version of 'twinkle twinkle little star' for dead space, and I can't stop! I keep on watching videos and reviews for Dead Space even though it's terrifying. I'm having trouble walking to the bus stop in the early morning because I've practically memorized the sound of an adult Necromorph coming at me!

Ya know how they have sadists and masochists? Well, is there some kind of 'ist' were the peron causes themselves terror and emotional agony, and 'not' liking it but doing it again out of stupidity? Cause that's what I am...

Any advise for getting this freaky song out of my head?…
Whats a good name for a site?
I'm thinking of making a site with reviews, previews, machinima of things teens to young adults would be interested in eg. anime, manga, video games ect. mostly just for fun any one know how we should go about doing that, how to get the site and also maby name suggestions thanks in advance!
go to search for google keyword tool. put your ideas on the texts. if the name gots 100k global searches. It's good :)

Adults Only Review my Poetry Blog?
I have a new layout and design. I have 2 spoken word videos(I AM A BEGINNER) up and about 14 poems ranging from love, break up and sex so because of the erotic stuff adults only please. Thanks for any feed back. Also if you have poetry blog post it and I will visit and comment it as well Thanks everyone. <----the link
That's not erotic or sexy, it is standard boring lick, suck, get me wet typing. Not poetry; boring pre-porn for teens.

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